Keeping Little Legs Warm and Stylish

My youngest son has a multitude of health problems, but when he was very young the thing that worried us most was the circulation in his legs. His feet were always purple, his legs often blue. I tried to keep his legs as warm as possible, but once he began to sit he was often on the floor. His socks and shoes (yes even Robeez!) would get pulled off; his pants legs would ride up. He was also breaking out in hives and contact rashes on his legs and I just couldn't keep them covered enough to prevent this.

I told my husband I was going to have to start putting tights on him. Banish the thought! Tights on a boy! That's when I thought of using legwarmers like the BabyLegs I had seen amongst friends. However, when I visited some of the store sites that sell them I had a hard time finding ones that would be appropriate colorwise (for a boy AND matches everything). The price was a bit of a turn off too.

In my continued search, I came across Wee Warmers. These legwarmers are handmade by a Mom in London, Ontario. Canadian! Handmade! By a Mom! And more affordable than BabyLegs! Lee Anne, owner of Wee Warmers works a regular job in the computer industry and sews up these leg warmers in her spare time. Yet when I placed my order for 3 pairs, they were in the mail 2 days later and in my hands within a week.

We love our Wee Warmers! I ordered two pairs for the baby and one for my older girl. They come in a multitude of colors from plain to funky and sizes from 10 to 13 inches in length. And the prices are much lower than BabyLegs, especially for Canadians who don't have to pay the exchange rate on these Canadian products. The prices range from $9-10 a pair. And they're great! 100% cotton they covered the baby's legs and his rashes lessened. They kept him toasty warm too. I pulled them down over his socks and it made it a lot harder for him to pull his socks off (not impossible, mind you, but very very difficult).

And, of course, the little princess loves hers. Wish I could post a photo but my camera's down. There'll be one soon.

This is not a paid advertisement and I received nothing for posting this. Just my honest opinion. It's very important to me to support other parents, especially Canadian ones, and I love this product!


  1. This is very cool. I like the idea of having these in colours for little boys too. It's hard to keep little guys warms because they're busy, busy, busy. Thanks for alerting me to wee warmers!

  2. You're more than welcome. I know the BabyLegs brand does produce some boy colors, but I find they're really patterned and busy looking - which doesn't match a lot of outfits. I got a pair of plain black and another pair of grey with a panda on it and we used them just about every day.

    They're great for having in the car in the summer too. They can quickly turn shorts into long pants and short sleeve shirts into long sleeve shirts on those days when it suddenly gets cold at the park or beach.

  3. I should try these instead of tights! My little girl seems to be in between sizes... one size is too tight (I can barely pull it over her thighs) and the next size is way too big with a lot of bunching down by her feet!

  4. Yes Sarah,
    They'd work great. Just get the 13 inch size. Her shipping is great too. I think it's up to 3 pairs is $4 shipping, up to 6 pairs is $6. Teaghan has some other ones I bought at a Please Mum sidewalk sale that she also likes, but her Wee Warmers are her favourite - I find them to be softer and a little stretchier than the others.


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