My First Column

If you'd like to read my first published column - and all the controversial feedback it produced - check it out on the Western Star website. It was an interesting experience. Scroll down to the bottom to read some of the comments from online readers. And feel free to leave your own!

I was pleased with the amount of feedback received, even if some of it was critical of my perceived parenting "issues." Meanwhile, word of mouth feedback was excellent. I was even stopped by people who didn't know me to say how much they enojyed the column.

My favourite feedback, though, came from a Mom in Stephenville. She said she was home ready to tear her hair out when her husband brought her home a photocopy of the article. Fortunately, my column lightened her day. I could recieve negative feedback from 100 readers but that one reader that found the column helpful makes it all worthwhile.

Really, except for a couple of people leaving comments online, everyone seemed to enjoy the article. And even those that left comments online must have enjoyed reading it enough to feel like they should respond. I'm pretty proud of my first "flame" from a reader, to tell the truth!

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