Giving a Gift to The Earth Challenge - Week One Followup

Perhaps this week will see a few more participants. As a friend pointed out, even one more would be a 100% improvement!

Last week the challenge was to feed someone. Someone other than the starving child(ren) and/or spouse you feed each day! Last week I packed a bag for the food bank. My son shared a cookie with a classmate at school. My daughter helped me make crackers, than offered them to her friend.

We also fed the birds. It's something we did at Nanny's house over Christmas. I have photos from then!

It's a really simple activity for you and the kids. Simple cut egg cups from a carton (or as we did last week use those biodegradable cups for starting seedlings in). Cut a small hole in the bottom - soon to be the top - and thread in a ribbon or string. Coat the cup in peanut butter and roll in bird seeds to make a yummy christmas bell treat for our feathered friends.

Then concentrate really, really, hard while you hang them on a backyard tree.

Nanny tells us the birds really enjoyed these Christmas treats. The couple we made here are all gone too!

Nanny and Grandad's backyard is a wooded hill. So there's lots and lots of feathered friends. According to my son there's also bears, tigers, moose, and coyotes in "dem woods."

According to my daughter - and me! - there's fairies in the woods. So with the cold winter weather coming in we had to build them houses. We put berries in there to feed them too!

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