Happy Chinese New Year: A Serendipitous Craft.

The kids and I have been talking about Chinese New Year lately. All due to their interest in dragons.

So we had decided we'd have a few little celebrations and read up on the 15 days of the Chinese New Year.

Before we thought anything of Chinese New Year, we had already decided to make lanterns. Not paper ones as we wanted to put them outside; I'm working on a little plan for some luminaries made from recycled products (look for a post in a week or so). This year our city is having a contest for best decorated home during Winter Carnival. They're encouraging citizens to leave their Christmas lights up, but rather than waste that electricity and money, we're going to light our house with luminaries. You can read more about the controversy surrounding this decision on The Western Star website (yes, the "Dara" making comments is me!)

It's great how the two fit together, though. As soon as Chinese New Year festival starts to wind down, our carnival starts. So the lanterns we make for the CNY celebrations will have a dual use!

In the meanwhile, the kids really wanted to start making some things for CNY now. Then I saw this post on Frugal Family Fun Blog. Another moment of serendipity. Just the day before my husband gave me a box of Ferrero Rocher for my birthday. I had explained to my daughter that we'd save the little muffin cups and gold foil for a craft project but she wanted to use them NOW. And then Valerie posts this great CNY craft using muffin cups!

We changed our craft a little from hers. We decided to make greeting cards to send to some of our friends and cousins. Plus, of course, our materials were slightly different.

We also used these neato markers I found at the Buck or Two for $2.00! Of course the kids had to have loot bags for my birthday and these were part of Emerson's loot bag.

Poor guy, Teaghan and I keep borrowing his stuff and he wants in on the action too!

We used one piece of construction paper folded in half lengthwise then cut down the middle with our "crafty" scissors, as Teaghan calls them, to make two cards.

The special "magic stick" markers helped us make the stars and the luminous moon affect. Otherwise we basically followed Valerie's instructions.

This is a great craft for counting and spatial awareness too as we wanted to make sure we fit 9 lanterns on each card.


  1. Wow, the cards turned out so well!! I LOVE the gold foil -- brilliant! I'm so glad you guys did this -- it really made my day! :-)

  2. It made our day too Valerie!
    Seriously lots of fun. The moment Harrison got home he had to make one too.
    Now we're working on a couple little tiger crafts to include with the cards for Year of the Tiger. The kids can't wait to send the cards out!
    I'll post our tiger crafts when we get them done; we still haven't quite decided what to do but it will probably involve felt, wool, and googly eyes!


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