Story Saturday - The Princess and the Rock Star

Sometimes Harrison and Teaghan want to do very different things. This story we wrote together is based upon their differences.

The Princess and the Rock Star (and the Fish too!)
It was another beautiful Saturday. Rock Star Harrison was in his basement rocking on. He was wearing his rock star clothes: gray pants, a black shirt, and big, bright, red rock star shoes. And he had his electric guitar.

Princess Rahna (pronounced Rain - ah) was outside dancing a twirly princess dance. She was wearing three beautiful gowns, 2 pairs of special dancing shoes, sparkly earrings, a necklace, a bracelet and a big beautiful ring.

"Runh-runh-runh-runh-rah!" sang Rock Star Harrison as he played his electric guitar.

"La-la-la-la. Princesses wear beautiful gowns." sang Princess Rahna as she twirled about.

But it was very hard for her to dance with her rock star neighbour making all that noise.

Meanwhile, Harrison decided to go to the candy store. He put his rock star bicycle helmet on and got his bike. He left his guitar on to squeal while he was gone. The fish liked the noise. Out the back door he went.

At the front door, Princess Rahna was knocking hard.

"He can't hear me knocking over all that noise," she thought.

So through his door she tromped with her two pairs of shoes clacking on the floors.

"Rock Star Harrison?" she called in her sing-songy voice. "Rock Star Harrison?" she called in her impatient voice. "Rock Star Harrison!" she called in her screechy loud voice.

But he didn't answer.

So she stomped down to the basement and turned off the guitar herself.

She also fed his fish.

On her way out, one of her shoes fell off but she didn't notice because her other shoes were making so much noise and the big skirts from her three dresses hid her feet.

When Rock Star Harrison got home with his gumballs and lollipops he was deafened by the silence. He went through the house and turned on the TV, the radio, and his guitar. Then he woke up the fish so they'd flap their fins.

When he found the Princess's shoe he decided not to share his gumballs with her. He threw her shoe in his fish tank so they could swim through it.

Princess Rahna didn't notice all the noise going on at the Rock Star's house again. After losing her shoe she couldn't dance any longer. Instead she changed into her four bathing suits, two swim caps, ten floaties, nose and ear plugs and was in the pool being a mermaid.

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