Disney Movie Rewards Review: Why Disney Can Kiss My A##

Are you one of those people who effortlessly sail through all transactions with companies: ordering from catalogues or internet sites, signing up for services, etc? Have you never had a problem buying something on EBay and everything you've ever ordered from Amazon has arrived in a timely and still-together manner? If so, you won't understand the rant I am about to make. And it's long-winded and full of inane detail so feel free to go make a cup of tea instead.

Because, you see, I am not one of those people. I follow instructions; I am everlastingly polite; I provide detail of my complaints. And yet I constantly and consistently have problems and then receive crappy customer service.

It's getting hard, really, not to take it personally.

We ordered a toy once from Toys R Us. It was a Christmas present for our son. We hadn't a lot of money; it was rather expensive and it was the one thing our son said he REALLY wanted. The rest of the things we got him that year were bought at the Thrift Store (yes, I give my children used gifts - they don't know the difference and if they did I doubt they'd care). It arrived 4 days before Christmas. The shipping label was stuck to the package of the toy itself (i.e. no outer packaging); the box was beat up; the toy was obviously used and was even covered in cat hair. I call Toys R Us thinking I'll get another one, an apology, and maybe even a coupon or something to make up for my troubles.

Instead I got stonewalled. Oh yes, they'd refund the price - once they received the toy back. Oh yes, they'd ship another one - if we paid for it. Oh no, it wouldn't be here in time for Christmas. I called customer service three times. I spoke to a manager. I began a facebook boycott campaign. I emailed every address I could find for management at Toys R Us. I called corporate headquarters.

Finally I got a response. But damn that was a stressful time. But yes, we did have a new toy in time for Christmas (and we got another new one as they shipped from two different locations in an attempt to make sure we had it in time; and they had us keep the old one; and they refunded our money - so please don't boycott TRU after all)

Last year, same thing, different store, less happy result. I ordered a Dora Toddler Canopy Bed for my daughter. It arrived Christmas Eve (ordered two months earlier) and it was a Power Rangers toddler bed in a lower price range. I politely asked for them to give me the proper one. They said there was no way they could. They admitted it was thier fault but nothing they could do. I cried. They eventually agreed as a "special favour" to refund me the money so I could attempt to get a last minute gift for my girlie rather than have to wait for them to reorder the item.

Sigh . . .

I should have known, really, that Disney would be no better. I've had problems with the Disney website. For some reason when I sign up for things their system just refuses to acknowledge the existence of my city. It doesn't exist, though I do. I had the problem trying to shop at their site and they quickly fixed that (after all, they were getting my money) but anything else, I've had to try and try again to get it fixed. You'd think once they fixed it once that would be it. But no. Disney runs ten million websites and each is managed mangled differently.

Over a year ago I tried to sign up with Disney Movie Rewards (I won't link to them because I now hate them). It's a site where if you purchase a Disney movie you can enter a code and collect points for free merchandise, subscriptions, or movies. Now we don't buy many Disney movies, really, but we do get them as gifts. So I had codes for about 6 movies.

But of course, I couldn't sign in. For months, off and on, I'd try; it wouldn't work; I'd contact customer service for help; they'd tell me I had to check my login name or reset my password. But that wasn't the problem; I'd tell them so; and I'd get the same form response.

Eventually I gave up. They weren't worth it I thought. Then my cousin mentioned the great things she gets from there. I told her my troubles. She suggested I try again.

And you have to read this. Please do read my emails to them as I don't believe they ever did.

On Feb 11th I used a form on their site in a desperate plea for help:

> Name: Dara Squires
> Issue Type: Entry Instructions

> Deploy Path: disney/movierewards

> message:
This will be my 4th time contacting SOMEONE at Disney about this problem. For over a year I've been trying this. I have NEVER received any help, just told to do what I've already done. Can you PLEASE help me????? At this point I've thrown away my codes and have proclaimed this site hopeless, but my cousin has convinced me to give it one more try. I CANNOT login. I'm a registered disney member but when I try to sign in to your site I'm asked for my home address. Yes, I have a valid street address, but your system refuses to acknowledge it. I had this problem on another of the disney sites and the tech team was able to fix it for me right away. I've used this form to contact you at least twice as well as using a form on the disney home page. PLEASE! I have a valid street address that your system will not recognise. Can't you do ANYTHING?!? I have 6 disney movies here that came with codes that I have since thrown away in disgust with this site. Please help me so I can at least redeem future codes.
A week later I get this response:
Dear Dara,

Thank you for your email. We are sorry to hear you are having difficulty logging into your Disney Movie Rewards account.

Please be sure that when logging into your Disney Movie Rewards account you are using your Disney On-line or Disney Movie Rewards member name and password.

To further assist you we have sent your Disney On-line member names to the email address provided, please look for an email from WDSHE Member Services.

Once you have received your Disney Online member names which may be different from you email address, please try your password with each member name received to ensure that the correct member name and password combination is being used.

In the future, to recover all of your Disney Movie Rewards or Disney On-line member names or passwords, please try the following:
1. Go to www.DisneyMovieRewards.com

2. Find the Login Box at the upper right hand corner of your screen and choose "Forgot Password?" or "Forgot Member name?"

3. Follow the directions. Your password and member name will be sent to the email address used to create your account.

4. Your email address will be listed as a member name and any additional member names will be separated by a comma.

We hope this is helpful. If you have any further questions, please contact us at DisneyMovieRewards@Disneyhelp.com.

The Disney Movie Rewards Consumer Relations Team
Do you get the feeling that might be a form-response? I did because it word-for-word matched the response I'd gotten the previous 4 or 5 times I had contacted them. And I love how they're basically saying "you're an idiot who can't remember your login so here's the idiot's guide to logging in."

So back to the drawing board. I responded again. But this time I also sent my cousn the email. She's a Disney Insider. She knows people. She sent me the contact information for the tech team. She's smart.

So this is what I sent back to them. I'm getting a little peeved at this point. Can you tell? Probably not, I'm too darn polite sometimes. I sent it same day the sent it to me.
From: Dara Squires
To: Disney Movie Rewards
Subject: Re: Entry Instructions/Disney Movie Rewards: The Official Website

Please this is the same response I got before. It is not my member name that is the problem. It's your address system! Can you check with your tech people, please!

I log in and it tells me to complete my log in I must enter my address. I enter my address, a valid street address in Canada and press submit and it tells me again that I must enter my address. Your system refuses to acknowledge my address. I enter it again, press submit again and am directed to enter my address again.

For a year this has been going on. I keep trying, I email you and I keep getting this response. My username is not the problem. Your system is! I had the same problem on the disney shopping site (I think it was, though it may have been another aspect of Disney) and the tech team was able to go in and somehow enter my address so it would be recognised.

I'm sorry if I sound a little peeved here, but this is the second time I have received this same email verbatim and both times I felt that I had made it clear that it is the address system that is the problem.
I even apologise for sounding a "little peeved." Yup after a year and a half of the run around and being subtly called an idiot, I'm the one apologising to them!

In the meanwhile, my cousin came through with the address for the tech team and I sent them the same email including details of the exact site where I encountered the problem, my full postal address, and all the ways I had already attempted to resolve this glitch. I won't include that email here, because it has some personal details in it. But I sent it to the DMR Customer Service people at the same time.

A couple days later I get this sensible, short, to the point response from the tech team:

Hello Dara,

Thank you for your letter.
We have updated your address on your account and in our system.

Best Regards,
Disney.com Guest Services
And it's true. After a year and a half of being stonewalled no matter whom I contact, it was that easy. I can now log in.
So, happily ever after, right?
Not really. Because then, over a week after I sent the second email, and forwarded the one I had sent to the tech team, to the Disney Movie Rewards Customer Service people, I get this response:
Dear Dara,

Thank you for your email about logging into your Disney Movie Rewards account.

We are sorry to hear that you are having difficulty logging in and we are happy to help. If you are unable to retrieve your password and would like to have your password reset, please follow the steps below.

1. Visit DisneyMovieRewards.com and click on Disney.com Guest Services/Help at the bottom of the screen.

2. Click on "Your Account"

3. Click on "Forgot your Password"

4. Enter your current member name, first and last name, and your date of birth. Please keep in mind that your member name may be your complete email address.

5. The instructions on how to reset your password will be sent to the email address that you used upon registration.

If you are still not able to access your account, please call 1-866-246-8646 Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Central Time, to speak to a Customer Care representative.

The Disney Movie Rewards Consumer Relations Team
WTF?!! Really, did my emails to them seem to you like I was having problems with my user id or my password. Have I been that unclear? They do speak English at Disney, right?

So I just sent them this response:

To Whom It May Concern (and I DO think a manager should read this),

I contacted the website tech team myself after hunting down an email address. You have been completely unhelpful. I don't think you've even read my emails.
Seriously, is this what you call customer service? Over a year later and you're still sending me the same nonsense response after probably 6 attempts now to get this fixed.
You've frankly turned me off Disney movies altogether so I doubt I'll ever need to log in anyway.
Congratulations on driving away a customer who was trying so hard to get in!

Not yours,
What I should have sent them was the simple statement "Kiss my A##" but I'm too polite.

However, as I have been typing this blog,  guess what? I got another response! Instead of a week or more it took only an hour for them to respond this time! What do you think it was!?! An apology? An offer for free merchandise? An angry response to my angry response?

No. None of the above. It was the same GD form response they sent me the first time.

And now I'm thinking I will send them that email that says "kiss my a##." No one's going to read it anyway. So it's not really impolite, right?

Am I the only person this happens to? All I can think is that this is karma kicking me in the a## for being a telemarketer in a previous life.

I probably don't need to mention this, but this was not a sponsored review. I received no renumeration or free gifts for writing this. I did recieve a pain in the a## however. Does that count?


  1. what a *swear word* load of *swear word* *swear word*

    Couldn't find their behind with both hands.

    I'd never heard of Disney points but i think i'll be saving myself the hassle and not looking for them.

  2. I've had similar experiences with another global company *cough*ebay*cough with the auto-response emails. It took about three months to sort out an issue that I knew could have been solved in seconds.

  3. Am sorry for your pain, but am LMAO!!!!!!!!

    I think your are just jinxed! LOL! (Either that or they want to give you something to write about, maybe even incorporate into your book!)

  4. I so am jinxed.
    Sadly this is just the kind of thing to send me off my rocker moaning and wailing that "nothing is EVER easy for me!"
    This time I decided to get angry instead of waily. Sent them this blog post. Think they read it?

  5. DMR took over 8 weeks to even ship my redeemed rewards and didn't seem to respond to what I actually said to them either. They sent an email confirmation of my order explaining my order would be shipped in 6-8 weeks and that I would receive a shipping confirmation when it was. I wrote them March 3, 2012:

    Topic: Getting Rewards
    Text: I'm wondering where my redeemed rewards are. I redeemed my points January 4th of 2012 and ordered the Beauty and the Beast jewelry box. It has been 8 weeks and 3 days since I ordered them and I have not received a shipping confirmation or the item yet. The reference number is: (I gave them the ref#)

    On 3/05/12 I get a response:

    Dear (my name),

    Thank you for your email regarding the status of your redemption for Collectibles Keepsakes Box: Belle. Our records indicate your order was received 1/4/12. At this time your order has not shipped. We appreciate your patience as we are still processing your order.

    When your order ships you will receive a shipping confirmation email and your order should then arrive within the following 14 business days.

    Once again, we appreciate your patience as we work diligently to process your order.

    We value your membership and interest in the Disney Movie Rewards. If you have any further questions, please contact us at DisneyMovieRewards@Disneyhelp.com.

    The Disney Movie Rewards Guest Relations

    So they're not sorry that it is taking them longer than the longest time they said it would take to ship my order, they do not apologize or admit that it is taking longer than the longest time frame they give themselves, instead they appreciate my patience. In other words, "Shut up b&%@#, we'll send it when we damn well please".

    The next day(March 6th) I receive my shipping confirmation. I think if I hadn't said something my order would have sat with another list of orders somewhere of people who never complain that they haven't received their stuff and therefore never get their stuff because they are the type of people who wont complain about that sort of thing. DMR is a scam! You don't get your stuff unless you complain!!!

    On March 15 2012 I finally received my jewelry box! It took them 3 months and 11 days to get me my order. I mean really all that propaganda and enthusiastic advertising for their program and "Get free stuff!" bulls*%# and then they don't even give you redeemed rewards unless you complain and you get it in 3 1/2 months after you ordered it. What is the point? I might die before I receive my rewards. Save yourself the energy. DMR sucks.

  6. *Correction: 2 months and 11 days and 2 1/2. My bad.


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