Mostly Wordless Wednesday: My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Days

If I thought moving to Australia would help I'd be on the next steamer out of here!

I've been pissy. Best way to explain it. I am out of sorts and all those little things that occur throughout the day that can push you off a little have pushed me over the deep end and into misery. Usually I'm the type who's absurdly pleased by the little things that are good and quite good at ignoring the little things that are not so good. Not so since Tuesday. Here's a photographic tour of all the "little things" from the past two days.

This is the extent of the dent I made in my laundry after this post. There's none on the floor anymore!

This is the mess my children made in our playroom while I tried to undo the mess I'd made in the laundry room.

This is the pan in which I supposedly seared the roast. You know, the special roast I was making for my father. Because he was just returning from a dissapointing trip. Because it was the day before his birthday and they were staying with us before driving home the next day. Because he always makes such lovely meals for us, and has since I was a child, and I wanted to make his favourite meal for him. This is the pan that I supposedly seared the roast in. Instead I put in the roast to sear, ran to grab Houdini from his high chair, ran to change his diaper before it leaked, ran to get cream for the hives I discovered him covered in, and ran back to the smell of burning. Poor roast. Poor pan. Poor Dad. Pity-party me.

This you can't see well, but are the hives the baby was covered in. Obviously Mommy was careless and let him eat or be exposed to something he's allergic to. Obviously Mommy needs to quit being such a baby and realise she should feel more sorry for the child for his suffering than she does for herself for being such a screw-up.

This is the part where I seared my hand, forgetting that one should really wear oven mitts when removing hot items from the oven.

These are the scratches upon the baby's back that he somehow got while I was attempting to save the roast and ignoring his cries. Now I guess I know why he was crying, but I still haven't figured out where the scratches came from, which makes me feel like . . . best . . . mom . . . ever (is the sarcasm dripping off your screen?)

This is the patheticness of my ability to throw a decent dinner exemplified by my not-cute-just-pathetic mismatched placemats.

This is the huge crack in one of our BRAND NEW toy bins that the older children would not admit to knowing about until I threatened to put them both in their rooms and not let them see Nanny and Grandad. Turns out the boy told the girl to stand on it. She said "no." He said "I won't be your best friend anymore." She did. It broke. They both said "Let's not tell Mommy."

This is the snow I cleared from the uncleared half of our driveway because "I can't beat my children so I'm taking out my frustrations on the snow." I should be proud of managing this much, but instead I feel shitty for saying I wanted to beat the children over a little crack in a $3 bin.


This is the four layer Guiness Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache that actually turned out okay despite my thinking it tasted like bananas instead of chocolate when it was cooling. They must have liked it as it is half gone.


These are the dishes I've still left to do, a day after the dinner and after doing dishes all day.


This is my son and his friend with a craft - dancing dragon puppets - that I helped them do this afternoon.


This is the mess that an hour later I still hadn't cleaned and the baby was about to get into.


This is where I finally fell asleep about 6:00am this morning after being up with a baby, a princess, a big boy, a princess again, a baby for three hours, a princess again, the baby again and then ignoring everyone's cries so I could get a couple hours sleep. And did I mention the baby wanted to nurse all night and he's taken to biting?

I made it to my bookclub tonight, a collection of mommies who chat about anything other than the book we've read. And it felt so good to get out of the house. And my husband even got home just early enough so that I could actually get a shower and even (and this is unheard of) put on a smidge of makeup before I went out.

I tried to make a super-short vlog of me going out to bookclub and my hair looking nice and me wearing lipgloss and a necklace to make up for how bad I looked in the last vlog and for some reason youtube is taking forver to upload (20 minutes in and it's telling me there's still another 40 mins) so I've had to post without.

Promise better days tommorrow. This the whiner; signing out.


  1. I feel for you, really I do! Your and my life sound very similar - without the biting breastfeeding baby thank goodness.

  2. YOu would feel right at home by me! Come on over!

  3. A typical time in our household, but for some reason it was just really getting to me.
    Ah that book club was nice! Rum and coke and a good chat is just what I needed!


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