Social Development of a Mother

This is the course of my life. This is its route.

I am a primate:
Seeking to hold my head high,
To walk upright,
When I feel I've just left the ground.

Looking for connection:
With others;
the world around me;

I am a Cave Artist:
My womb a canvas
To create perfect images
Of expected life.

My blog a space
To splash the walls
With creative impluses.

I am a Hunter-Gatherer
Hunting about the house for:
clean laundry;
my son's homework;
a working pen;
a favourite toy.

Gathering from the floor,
discarded toys and garbage.
Gathering from the world,
ideas and impulses.

I am a tool maker;
a fixer of toys;
an improviser;
a make-doer

I am an Agrarian:
Growing, growing, ever growing
vegetables, flowers, herbs, children:
Tending and cultivating

I an Industrialist:

Seeking a new form of connection
Through common work
Shared industry
A community of labourers.

I am Post-Industrial:
Service minded;
Information oriented.
Creating out of nothing and everything.

I am human, humanity, stages of development.

Nothing is complete; everything is gestalt.


  1. a very thought provoking post. all so true. we are all things at once.

  2. Ah thanks. It was just a bit of silliness last night to get out of my system really. Inspired, though by those writing prompts at sleep is for the weak. The first one was to describe what you look like, right? I remembered an assignment from back in my uni days to write a piece that described "you as others see you; me as you see yourself."
    So this is my me. Or was yesterday. Today it's something different. Like me, my idea of me is constantly evolving.


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