A Tiger Bracelet Craft for Chinese New Year

The kids and I made this super-cute Tiger bracelet to send to friends and relatives for Chinese New Year. Not just super-cute, they're super cheap too. And super fun! Seriously, the kids loved it and were able to do most of it themselves.
Read on to discover how to make your own!

My brother (lucky bugger) and his girlfriend (unlucky to be with my brother - oooh that's mean) went to Florida recently to visit Disney with their between-the-two-of-them-four-children. It rained the whole time which serves them right as they regularly went on Facebook bragging about how warm it was.

But I digress. The point is that they were there for Chinese New Year.

It's year of the tiger now, which makes my husbands tattoo -pictured above - wonderfully in style for a year anyway. To celebrate and send them a nice something, the kids and I made some cute tiger bracelets and sent it to them along with one of our Happy Chinese New Year Lantern cards.

Today Tiggles and I made a couple more to send to other cousins and friends and I thought I'd share the journey with you. Because I know you'll find it achingly interesting . . .


First the materials:
1. Gather up your labour force
One juicy boy and one flower-ballet-princess.

2. And your materials

Red felt or craft foam for the bracelets; orange felt or craft foam for the tiger faces (I also used white for whiskers this time, but last time did not); a pair of scissors; a black marker or pen; a gold marker, pen or puffy paint; a glue stick, some string or other implement for tying the bracelet closed; an image of a tiger's face to go by; and googly eyes (not pictured) - though you could use beads or draw on eyes.

3. Distract the "manager"
I put him in his high chair with some dates to snack on.

4. Realise you forgot the googly eyes and go off to find them.
Come back to discover the wee gaffer has snarfed the dates and give him some apple to keep him occupied (there's a lot of sugar in those dates)

5. Using your tiger image as a template, cut out a tiger face from the orange foam (the first time I just used orange, this time I cut a white face pad and whiskers too - adventurous, eh?)

If using the white face pad/whiskers, have your child glue it onto the bottom of the face (ideal time for a lesson in situational language - "Down. No . . . glue down. Now, face the whiskers down. No! On the bottom! Yes the whiskers point down and are at the bottom of his face! Why have you glued it to his forehead? Look, put it right here!)

6. Draw on a nose and mouth and maybe some black whiskers
Remind yourself to ask for a new camera next Christmas as you can't adjust the flash or anything else on your current one since the day your eldest son scampered off with it to take pictures last summer.

7. Glue on the googly eyes, or draw them on if you're so inclined
Be flabbergasted that the same child who could not figure out how to position the whiskers can adeptly glue two eyes on in the exact right place at the exact right distance apart.

8. Draw on the stripes and have your child color them in - an older child should be able to draw them on themselves, but I'm a nervous perfectionist and this IS a gift, you know. I thought I was being pretty cool letting her color them in.

9. Cut your red foam of felt into wide strips. I was able to cut one small rectangle of craft foam into four strips for four bracelets. I'm going to use felt for the bigger kids, though, as I'm not sure the foam will be long enough.

10. Glue the tiger face to the bracelet. Be generous with your glue, the face must be well adhered to not pop off when the bracelet is bent around a wrist.

Again be amazed that the child who lined up eyes perfectly cannot locate the "middle" of the bracelet.
Realise that it looks cute anyway.

11. Ask your child what message they want to write on the bracelet. Teaghan's choice was "friendship" but then she decided "Dora's Happy Friendship Adventure." Go off to google the chinese characters (I recommend this tattoo site of all places). And come back to find Mr. Houdini trying to escape the high chair.

12. Use the chinese character's you googled as a guideline to draw the characters on your bracelet, preferably in gold:

Convince your daughter that one of the characters stands for Dora, but really just use Friendship, Happiness and Adventure.

13. Punch a hole in one side and push the bit of string or whatnot through

14. On the other side, punch a couple of holes to make the bracelet adjustable because you don't know the wrist size of the child you're giving it to.

15. Stand back and admire the neato bracelet on that pretty, dainty wrist.

Et Viola! Now run around the house growling like crazy tigers in the hopes that the kids will get tired out enough to let you blog your adventure!


  1. Thanks Heather. This is our 6th one and the kids love making them, got the entire pack of craft foam for $1.00 so it's a neat cheap craft for CNY

  2. Gosh - you're cheating, you're obviously talented in the art department! Ours would look like something I found on the floor after a parade, I'm certain. I love this though, very very cool and cute.

  3. Sparx if only you knew how artistically UNtalented I am. Seriously, if it's not straight lines and angles I'm lost. It's not that hard to do if you say to yourself "well if it looks really crappy I can always say I let the kids do it all by themselves."


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