What I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging:

So the past few days have been crazy hectic. We were hit with a second cold just as we were getting over the first. Of course this one had to include pinkeye!

I've been working on getting some contacts out to syndicate my weekly parenting column.

AND I've been working on the class gifts for Valentine's Day. I came up with a great craft I thought the kids would be able to help with. But as I made the "prototype," I realised it was way too fiddly for the kids. Their help consisted mostly of creative input and holding things - neither of which they're too patient for.

Here's what "we" made for his classmates:

For the girls - flower topped pens, complete with lollipop and butterfly pick - and of course, disney princess hologram cards (bought on clearance last year) as gift tags.

For the boys - pom-pom creature topped pens plus a feather pen, complete with lollipop and some flora - and of course, spiderman hologram cards (same clearance sale) as gift tags

For his teacher, principal and school secretary :
An origami heart box - he coloured the heart part with a bingo dauber

Filled with raspberry-champagne truffles - the kids helped roll them

And sealed with love

And everyone's getting one of our beet stamped cards complete with the following hokey verse made up by mommy:

A Valentine card and a special treat
To celebrate a friendship so sweet
For, as said by Winnie the Pooh,
"It's so much more friendlier with two."

We printed the verse on computer paper, cut it out and glued it in the cards. And can you believe that after all of mommy's hard work the boy complained about having to sign his name to 19 cards?

I wasn't going to post a tutorial for the flower pens as it's pretty well too late for Valentine's Day. But then it occured to me that they'd make great Easter gifts, or bridal shower favours or some such as well. So, tutorial is upcoming!

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