Best Dollar Store Find EV-AR

Back a couple weeks ago when we were talking about homeschooling, Harrison made it very clear that he expected we have a "treasure box" at home school just like at his school school. Now I usually do keep a few special treats tucked away for when the kids have been extra good - like slept in their own beds all night or done something really nice. But I decided to stock up as my supply was running low.
Overall we've been avoiding the dollar store for anything but craft supplies. I find their craft supplies are the same ones that are sold in the craft store next door for  about 4 times the amount. But their toys and books are cheaply made, quite likely dangerous, and most certianly involve child or slave labour.
But, I couldn't pass up this:

It's a 3-D Foam Puzzle Playset of the Three Little Pigs. It came in a flat package and there was no way the kids could have put it together, but Harrison did help punching the pieces out.
It took me most of the morning to get it together but it was completely worth it!
The kids and I played with it most of the afternoon. As soon as Emers woke from his nap he got in on it too - he loved taking off the roofs and putting the pigs and wolf inside.
We played different versions of the story; different endings; different plots.
We didn't play their bathtub version, though:

And seeing as how this is the kids favourite folk tale (well that and Little Red Riding Hood - they have something for wolves I guess) it was well worth the $2 I spent (and, yes, the hours of construction).

Four hours later and Harrison is still enthralled:

I just hope if it was made by child labour they at least had some fun looking at the cute pigs!

Okay, that's just wrong. I really, really hope there was no child or slave labour involved in producing this item.
Do you shop at the dollar store? What's been your best find?