The Best Mommies are Mommy Bloggers!

I swear, it's amazing all the friends and support you can find among mommy bloggers. Unlike the playground, you don't need a battle plan to make friends in the blogosphere. I've met moms I have tonnes in common with but probably never would have guessed if we met on the street. I've also met moms I have absolutely nothing in common with except for the feeling that we're all in this together and by sharing and supporting each other we can get through it! Not that parenting is a battle. No, it's actually quite a fun and exciting adventure. But like any quest, the quest to raise decent children has its perils.

Blogging is kind of like parenting at times. You want to create a great blog, but there's no instruction booklet with your account. You wonder if you're doing it right. You wonder if you're good enough.
And out there, other moms are wondering the same thing. But the amazing thing is that they're sharing it. And not only are they sharing your doubts so that you don't feel alone, they're also sharing their experience and offering support.

The absolutely most supportive experienced bloggers I've found along my journey are Heather at Notes for Lapland and Karin at CafeBebe. These two women are astounding. Not only are they great bloggers. Not only are they supportive and offer comments on your blog when they've probably got tonnes to read. Not only do they create posts that teach you how to blog better. They also put in a lot of work to make sure we're all having fun! Heather hosts the Secret Post Club and, with Karin, just co-hosted her first absolutely amazing Just Vlog It challenge. Karin provides all kinds of advice and support for bloggers, is hosting the Mummy Tummy Begone challenge and created Just Vlog It with Heather.

So when I just went to congratulate Young Mummy at Young and Younger for her superb winning video entry (check it out - you'll love it), I thought Heather and Karin really need to be congratualted too! Twenty entries at 3 to 4 minutes each meant these two lovely ladies had the difficult task of watching about 1 1/2 hours of video and then choosing two from all the entries. And they didn't need to do this. They created and carried off this contest all by themselves and guess what! They're doing it again. We'll have to wait for the first month of April to see the new challenge, but I'm willing to bet it'll be amazing. With people like that behind it, how could it not be?

Ladies - kudos, cheers, congratulations and thanks. If I had more time I'd creat a badge, but I don't so accept my gratitude instead.


  1. Oh thank you, I've gone all teary eyed over this post first thing in the morning! what a wonderful thing to wake up to.

    I'm not so sure I am quite so worthy of it but I know Karin is, she is a fabulous supportive lady and has the most wonderful ideas - plus all this running and stuff she's doing now, I stand quite in awe!

    I don't think I could do it.

    You are right, there are so many wonderful people out there in the blogging world, so many different lives to peek into and friends to be made. It's funny because I don't find making friends so easy in real life but over the internet it is easy and so many of you are people i would class as real friends as well, people that i want to meet up with in real life.

    Thank you again for you kind words, and i love reading your blog by the way, it is one of my favourites.

  2. Dara...
    How exceptionally kind of you to lavish such praise on Heather and Myself. We just wanted to create a forum for vlogger because we enjoyed it so much. I know that I speak for Heather when I saw how proud we are when we've seen the efforts entered. It's a great thing, this blogging world. I'm glad you found us and we found you and I look forward to seeing more from you in the future! ;)

    Thanks so much again...your words are much appreciated!

  3. I love this post! It speaks how I feel! I adore the new friends that I have made thanks to blogging . I do honestly believe it has stopped me from sinking into PND.
    Thank You for your lovely comment on my blog! You are wonderful! :D

  4. PS The Best Mummy's are DEFIANTLY Mummy Bloggers!! :D


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