The Colour of Spring

Here's another photo post prompted by The Gallery at Sticky Fingers. I do reccomend checking out everyone's posts. The interpretations of the prompts and the pure skill of some photographers is amazing!

If you're not a blogger, Tara will post an emailed photo on her blog for you. Isn't that nice?

This week's prompt is "Colour." Took me a long time looking through my photos to settle. I've lots of colourful pics and some really nice themes I could have pulled together. But, as the sun is shining today and I'm anticipating Spring I thought I'd pick one that reminds me of Spring. It's three actually, but they have one colour in common.

And I do mean common.
The common yellow of the Dandelion.

To me, the dandelion is the flower of Spring. Some say crocuses but crocuses are the first peepers from the winter-wet soil. To me, it's not truly spring until your lawn is covered in yellow.

What better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than eating some rejuvenating dandelion greens or brewing up some dandelion cordial to mix with "fizzy juice" (my kid's term for club soda) and enjoy throughout the summer. Some call these flowers pests. Some destroy their lawns in attempt to kill the beautiful yellow freckles upon it. I say those people are crazy. Any mom who's been handed a "bouquet" picked from the lawn knows that dandelions are the most beautiful flower of all!


  1. Lovely pictures. Very sunny ones. :0)

  2. I do so agree! Those first yellow buds of spring bring out a new person in me, seriously. I love it!

  3. My boys picked me some dandelions and primroses today. It was so lovely to see some colour again. Bring on Spring, I've had enough of winter!

  4. That yellow flower is a great colour :)

  5. Lovely sunny photos. Hurry up, spring!!!


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