The Funniest Thing I Heard Today

See I thought I'd done I good job educating my children on their various body parts and the difference between boys and girls. Obviously there's a little more work needed:

Scene: A red van filled with Mommy, Hubby, son, daughter and baby.

Son: Mommy did you know Erica jumped out her window?

Daughter: And peed on it too!

Mommy: What? You must mean Cocoa peed on it. (for reader information, Cocoa is a dog)

Daughter: Cocoa doesn't have a penis, she can't pee.

Mommy: Well you don't have a penis and you manage to pee just fine.

Hubby: (under breath) Too well sometimes.

Daughter: Yes I do! I have a little half-penis!

Mommy: No honey . . .

Hubby: What!

Mommy: (aside to hubby) She thinks her clitoris is a penis . . .

Daughter: (adamantly) I have a penis and a bagina (sic)! You can't see my penis cause it's hiding in my bagina.

Mommy and Hubby: Laugh loudly

Daughter: Hey! Why are you laughing at my penis!?!

What do your kids call their "privates?"

And yes, I did write this post just to see how many new hits I'll get by including the search terms penis, vagina, and clitoris.

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