The Gallery - 100

I decided to follow along and enter The Gallery at Tara's blog this week. I was too late last week for the Beauty competition but enjoyed everyone else's entries. My camera has been broken for 7 months now. It was under warranty, but my husband lost the receipt (i.e. threw it out even though I told him not to).

So my photos are not the highest quality. The camera still takes pictures, but only under auto command and I can't make any adjustments.

So, this is the best photo I could get
It's the sign my son and I made for his classroom to celebrate 100 days of school.

The kids were all asked to bring in a collection of 100 of something. All my son could talk about was how his friend was going to bring in 100 dinkies and another friend 100 Star Wars Figures. Shag it, I thought, yet another opportunity for the school to teach them crass consumerism. Oh yeah.

So I said "Well what do you want to bring in?"
"100 pennies!" he replied. Yup I can just picture it now 100 dirty, grubby pennies getting even dirtier and grubbier and lost all over the classroom.
"How about something we can make?" I asked. "Oh yeah," he said, remembering the fabric scraps bags I had been putting together for them to play with, "100 scraps of fabric?"

We went with that, and I had the idea we could just line the scraps up and put a running stitch through them making a long line. But then I pictured what the boys in his class would do with that long line. Not wanting to be responsible for the hanging death of a child I came up with the idea of 100 stitches instead. So this sign is made of 100 stitched lines.

Harrison did the word "Kindergarten" and I did the rest. His teacher likes it too. You can count them if you like. And by the way, this makes great practice for children learning to print their letters


  1. what a super idea and so much nicer than the consumerism route of 100 things. Excellent!

  2. Thanks Heather,
    But now I feel like a gigantic idiot because I posted almost exactly the same photo in a previous post.
    Thanks for not noticing or rubbing it in!
    I'm tired.

  3. Now that is what I call clever!
    Clever mum and clever Harrison.

  4. Good thinking! and way to go for putting so much effort in it! I would have gone with the pennies-me the lazy ones.

  5. What a cracking idea.
    I'm just getting over the fact that there is a child there with 100 Star Wars toys! Blimey
    Thanks so much for joining it. Great to have you onboard x

  6. Thanks Tara - this was fun! Looking forward to next week!

    Yes, can you believe a 5 yr old with 100 of anything? And of course you know it's a competition to see who can bring in the coolest things.

    Thanks Marianne, not many days I feel clever! And Harrison can use the boost too.

    I did consider the pennies for quite some time, Susie. But we've had enough germs come home from school - I can only imagine what would have come back on those pennies!


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