The Gallery - I on Me

Another Sticky Fingers Gallery posting. I find Tara's themes intriguing and who doesn't love digging through photos.

The theme for this week was "Me." I didn't really want to post a photo of me, though I considered it. Two reasons: I have very few photos of me as I'm generally the photo taker; the photos I like best are not digital ones and I didn't want to go scanning anything.

So I thought the best way to introduce you to "me" is to show you the world through my eyes. These are some photos I've selected that are shots I spent a lot of time on, trying to set up the picture just right. Some are candids of my kids, some are nature photos, all are what I've found beautiful or intriguing and preservation-worthy.

And I've arranged them into the letter I. Cause I love double entendre: the I of my eye and all that. If you click on it you can see all the photos up close.