Gallery: Outside My Front Door

Well my planned gallery post dissapeared. So here's my last minute entry!

This time of year, outside my front door is muck (our city uses dirty gravel on the roads), melting snow drifts, and peeks of summer and fall detritus still half-bried under winter's embrace.

I won't show a picture of that as it's just depressing.

Well, okay, here's one from this time last year:

See the dirt, the snow, the children playing none-the-less.

But come summer it'll look more like this:

Somehow my driveway becomes a magnet for all the neighbourhood kids.

I think it may be because we're one of the few houses with a paved driveway and young children.

We live in a neighbourhood that includes a lot of subsidised housing. Families come and go a fair amount. On any day I might meet 2 or 3 new children to the neighbourhood only to have them dissapear and new ones show up the next day.

But we've a nice paved driveway and a nice big and open front yard which is perfect for all the children to gather and it means I can keep an eye on my scallywags. Growing up our house was the same as we had a huge backyard and an involved father who would build obstacles courses and clubhouses and set up archery targets and the like.

The best part of having such a big front lawn (our back is a muddy messhole) is that I can have the kid's parties outdoors!
Making fairy potions on the driveway, Teaghan's third birthday.

What's it like outside your front door?

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