HECTIC! And some good news.

So here's how it goes. Yesterday my husband comes home from work and informs me his parents called him at the office. They're coming on Friday. To stay. For a week or more. I love my in-laws. Truly I do. But they require a lot of work when they're here and even before they come. You know how it is: your mother-in-law was the greatest housekeeper and child-feeder in the history of the world and you are not measuring up.

Then, my friend who has started freelancing calls me. There's a possible book deal in the offing and she wants to share the opportunity with me. We need to have our pitch ready for Monday. Our pitch includes each of us writing a graded level reader and outlines for a few more readers and then proofing each other's work before we send it off.

Then, at the last minute, I find out about the Mabels Labels BlogHer contest. Now, I know my chances of winning are slim, but to go to that conference and make those contacts is something I could never do on my own. Plus, they're offering a year-long blogging contract with the contest. And the deadline is also Monday.

My Secret Post item isn't out yet. I haven't even finished making it. I already set Monday for myself as my deadline. I will not default my own deadline.

Not to mention I also have the baby's needles on Tuesday. HIs follow-up developmental psychology appointment on Wednesday and have to get him in to see the doctor about his toes. Oh, and I have to schedule follow-ups for all three children with various health professionals - Baby to the pediatrician, dermatologist and opthamalogist (and we might be looking at a speech pathology referral as well); Little Princess to public health for pre-school checkup, doctor for a skin problem that hasn't cleared up and orthopedic surgeon because her feet and legs are not getting better; Big Boy to opthamologist as his eye hasn't straightened  - wait, only one for him! Yeah! Although next week is music festival and St. Patrick's Day so I'm sure school will keep us busy.

And then the week after that is my husband's birthday and I've promised curried chicken, roti, rice and peas, and raspberry trifle - so a trip to the grocery store and an internet cruising for recipes is in order.

It is going to a busy weekend for sure. So if you don't hear from me, don't worry about it, okay?

Meanwhile, the good news:

I was feeling pretty stressed and bummed that I've been so busy and knew I wouldn't get the post I wanted to write for Josie's Writing Workshop done. But now that I've written this post I'm pretty sure it applies under prompt #5: "What is making you feel under pressure right now?" What do you think?

The night before last I got an uninterrupted full night's sleep for the first time in ages! I think it was 6 hours before any of the children cralwed into our bed or cried for a nursing. Miracles do come true! (Okay, so I'm not sure if this is good news or just pathetic, really)

Emers (Baby) had his  second ever appointment with developmental psychology today. As you may remember from a previous post, I have been somewhat worried about his cognitive development given his condition. Turns out, not only is he not "slow," he's cognitively advanced! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, introducing Baby Genuis as he will now be called. Some of his physical development is behind, and we don't have the full report yet, and we need a follow-up to assess him further including his speech etc, but all signs point to normal or above! This is huge considering his first appointment he was bordering on the low-side of average and we didn't feel he'd advanced much since.

So claps and hurrahs for my boy. Only the first of many obstacles and tests, but he's passed with flying colours!


  1. Oh definatly sounds like there is a tiny bit of presure there, but nothing you can not handle!!

  2. nothing quite like throwing all your balls in the air at once and see what happens ;-)

  3. So far I'm ignoring the housework to write my manuscript. I'm about halfway through and it's only 300 words so should be good.
    And I have a rough draft for the Mabels Labels contest - needs a lot of work but the essential idea is there.
    But I forgot to mention (or did I just forget?) that I have a column due Monday too. And I have to figure out what to do about the copyright agreement I was sent for the other paper that wants to syndicate my column.

  4. LOL-you still have a few days and hubby is home over the weekend no? Lock yourself in your room!

  5. Oh my God - and I thought I was busy. I do find that nothing sharpens the mind like a deadline though. I'm the world's biggest procrastinator but I never miss a deadline. Really hope you get everything done and have a good rest afterwards.

  6. Oh my goodness that's one hell of a lot of pressure! I'm amazed you haven't self combusted! All sounds very exciting though.

    Fantastic news about your little boy though. So, so pleased to hear that.

  7. Aww Susie, as if my husband being home is supposed to lessen my work? We obviously don't have the same kind of husband?
    My deer, you are correct. Deadlines are always great incentive. It's why I like to make them for myself too. I'm the type to think and think and think on something but take ages to actually "do." Fortunately, once I do "do" it's done fairly quickly as it's already been thought out.

    Josie - thanks. We're so excited about our good news! It means some more appointments as it looks more obviously like a lot of his delays are due to something physical (we're thinking slight scoliosis as it is common in NF and he has many symptoms and I swear I can see it). We've been on a wait list now for phsyiotherapy for over 6 months are have been told it could be 2-3 years before we get in. So we're planning on launching an all-out battle at the pediatricians to get his back scanned and at least rule out scoliosis. So once all this is over I have to start girding my loins for that one!


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