I Can't Believe I Wasn't Committed

This post has been spurred by a discovery of one of my old writing journals (in a box in the basement where it belongs) from my teen years.

Now I'm sure that any grown woman (or man) now blogging probably wrote as a teen too. So I'm creating a new meme - the crappy teen angst poetry meme.

I actually have had this line "I think I am dead and my sentiments too" going through my head at odd moments throughout my adult life. Could never place where it came from, though I searched through my old Pearl Jam album covers for the lyric.

Anyway, I have now discovered it's source. T'was me of course! So in a continuance of reliving my teen years as in yesterday's post, I give you crappy teen angst poem "I am Dead." All I can say is that if I found my teens writing this bullpoop I'd book them both a writing lesson and a shrink appointment.

I Am Dead

"Penny for your thoughts,"
he said.
I think that I am dead
And my sentiments too.

"My life rots,"
he said
Mine too.
Like death.

Baby's last breath
Infant's last cry,
Now I go to sleep,
Pray that I may die.

My soul you keep
twisting like a tree.
You are my wind.
Never set me free.
Nothing like mixed metaphors, eh.

So, I've shown you mine, you show me yours. I'm going to tag
Entropy Girl
Notes From Lapland
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Me, The Man & The Baby
Very Bored in Catalunya

Please don't take offence. I've picked you because I'm sure you've all got some teen angst poetry lurking in a box in the basement too - I'm not neccesarily saying yours is crappy.


  1. Thank you Dara!

    I destroyed everything I wrote through my teen years (bad time) so might struggle with this one though!

    I love your angsty poem :)

  2. Thanks. It is full of glorious angst, isn't it?
    Oh these things scare me of what is to come. I think most of us do a good job forgetting our teen years. Not looking forward to being dragged through it all again in another 10 years or so.


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