Just Vlog It - Dance Like a REAL (3 year old) Princess

This is both an entry in the Just Vlog It challenge  hosted by Karin at Cafe Bebe and Heather at Notes From Lapland AND a video response to Karin's Dancing Like a Disney Princess vlog, which in turn was a response to this video hosted by Disney UK.

I present to you myself dressed ridiculously and being taught by my three year old how to dance. Good times were had by all, especially the baby who was bribed with sweet dates to keep him in his high chair and quiet while we made this video. And to all parent bloggers out there - I have two pieces of wisdom to impart if you want to create a video while your children are still awake:
1. Include the children
2. When not possible to include them, bribe them.

That's all folks. Enjoy!


  1. I have bessie on my lap watching with me, she was clapping all the way throughh mea which is a very good sign.
    Well done both of you :)

  2. what a couple of beautiful dancing princesses! I think that look could catch on you know...

  3. @Mari - I highly recommend youtube for some crazy princess dances. Teaghan has fallen in love with a mashup of princesses dancing to Ballroom Blitz as well as a vidoerecording of a spanish youth ballet dancing the Tarentelle.
    @Heather - if you feel you'd like to be a princess too, I think Teaghan's rates are highly reasonable - for $9 she'll rip everything out of your closet and find 5 items that could never match.

  4. LOL-would not let your daughter pick out clothing for a job interview for you!

    Very cute!


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