Mabel's Labels BlogHer '10 Contest - Passions and Poetry

The Internet is about to die. Blasted by electrical storms, it will be wiped out. Perhaps it will never come back.

At least that’s the premise according to the contest run by Mabel’s Labels – the company that knows that parents shouldn’t label their kids, but they should label their kids’ stuff.

According to the contest, I have 300 words to reach out to you, the blogosphere, in a last ditch effort to assert myself upon the world by writing about my passions. So, here it goes: (hey judges, I hope you didn’t count these intro words!)

When we are babies, the world is our mother, our father, our family. Snuggled tightly in blankets and loving arms, we gaze at those around us in awe and wonder. Ever learning, we stretch our limbs - and our imaginations.

I have never lost that wonder or that constant search for new knowledge and experiences. I am passionate about the world: my world and the world I don’t yet know.

When I discovered the Internet, it opened the world to me a little more. I’ve chosen the Internet as one of the mediums of my own expression.

For that is my second passion: expression and communication. As a child I wanted to be a ballerina, doctor, or writer; then it was a pilot, photojournalist, or farmer; then it was an actress, play-write, or doctor; there’s one constant.

I am a writer. I’ve always wanted to be one and I’ve always been one.

I am passionate about people: their knowledge and experience; the world according to them. I love the thrill that comes with a new friendship, the slow development of an atlas of knowledge about that person. Each one is like a new romance.

The Internet has opened new worlds to me with regard to meeting new friends and learning more about old ones. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you; I’ve loved staying in touch.

People are knowledge; knowledge is power; power is passionate

And poetry is another thing I'm passionate about:



  1. Hi Dara, I thought I'd come and visit your blog as we have so much in common! I've got a cup of coffee, the children are occupied, so I'm off for a wander through your blogworld!

  2. The children are occupied? Can you tell me your secret?!
    I'm just getting more used to writing amid the chaos and noise. I can't research in chaos and noise, but I can write!
    You're crazy-brave having four. We're contemplating a fourth but I think we're just too sleep-deprived to think properly. After a good night's sleep we'll come to our senses!


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