The Mummy Tummy Challenge

Anybody who saw last week's vlog can probably tell just how out of shape I am. I've never been a skinny-minnie, but it's getting really ridiculous. I'd love to blame the kids and all, but the pregnancies didn't make me overweight, my lifestyle did. Plus my metabolism is as slow as molasses. Mmm.... did someone say molasses?

The c-section for my last child certainly didn't help matters. Stomach muscles just don't rebound from c-sections the same as they do from labour and vaginal delivery. Of course, if I had done my crunches and such after the c-section than they probably would have rebounded better.

The sad part is that although I'm horridly overweight and out of shape, I'm actually pretty fit. Long walks and runs don't bother me; I can carry two children up the stairs at a jog. So I've always been able to massage my damaged ego with "well perhaps you're not meant to be skinny, as long as you're fit that's all that matters."

Oh Bullpoop! That's just not true! I want to lose this weight. And while fitness is great, with diabetes in my family, being overweight is pretty much a killer.

I don't want to have to shop in the plus size stores, but it's getting really close to that now! And it's got to stop.

So today when I read Karin at CafeBebe's blog on her Mummy Tummy I was inspired. And I've decided to do the same.

She posted a pic of her at her daughter's last birthday and has proclaimed that by Little Miss' next birthday, in 12 weeks she'll have lost weight. Her aim is a sensible pound a week, which shouldn't be too hard but will still give noticeable results.

And I've picked up the gauntlet and will now do the same. My daughter's next birthday is 11 weeks away. At the weight I've been, I've been avoiding pictures. But you can't avoid pictures at your child's birthday party, can you? So here's one from last year:

This one makes me really question why I liked that dress! I think I'm actually bigger now.

And here's one from Christmas past. It's the most recent I have.

As you can see, little change in the tummy region and I think I'm wearing control tops in this photo.

And here's my challenge. Do the same. If your child's next birthday is 10 or more weeks away than join myself and Karin in posting a pic too and challenging yourself to look better at the next party. Karin's blog has some great suggestions for losing weight (read the comments too!). I'll post some more here over the coming weeks, as well as updates.

It's a Mummy Tummy Challenge! If you decide to join in than do up a blog post along the same lines and link to it in the comments below. Or if you're not blogging or don't want a personal photo on your blog, email it to me along with the date of your child's next birthday.

Next week, I'll do a post linking to everyone else's or posting the photos you've submitted and ask for updates from everyone.


  1. Nah-am too busy blogging and eating to worry about weight loss right now! :-)

  2. both yours and Karin's posts are very inspiring. Good luck my dear, i shall be cheering you on x

  3. Hi Dara, I only just found this post - brilliant! Good for you for joining the challenge, I can't wait to hear how you're getting on! Wendy :)



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