Remind Us How We Used to Be

I'm having a bad day. It started out pretty good. In fact at 10:00am I looked around amazed at everything I had done already today. No sign of last night's migraine; lots accomplished;children happy. Everything seemed great.

Then things started going downhill.

I won't go into details, but it's just been one of those days you wished you hadn't gotten out of bed. One of those days where you think longingly of the magic ponds and wishing wells in your childhood fairytales that could send you into a transformative world. One of those you wish it were a prince but turns out it's a frog days.

I'm having the kind of day where I look at my children, playing earnestly, and hope they never have one of these days. One of those days, like in the song, where I "let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be."

And of course this is one of those bad days that's going to lead into a bunch of bad days.

But it's all worth it. Because right here in my house I have the three most beautiful children in the world. Talented, smart, strong children who I know will grow up to be amazing people.

My eldest son is going to be such an amazing teenager. He's so responsible now at 5 that I know we won't have too many worries from him. He's impressively sensitive to the needs of others and will never turn his back on a friend. And yet, he's strong. Strong enough that though the occasion may arise when he is bullied, he will come through it wonderfully and learn so much more about empathy from it that his brilliance will be blinding.

My daughter, the princess, is a true princess. Sensitive like her brother, but strong in the most assertive way. She knows what she wants from the world and she's not afraid to take it. She'll never have to "make-do," because she knows how to make the world bend to her will. I swear she's the type that could kiss a frog and turn it into a prince. And then she'll order the prince to fetch her a treat and carry her home. She's so bright and verbal that I can see her ending up in some very expressive career: theatre, journalism, marketing. Takes after her mom in many ways, and yet seems so much stronger than I ever was.

My youngest son is just this little bundle of brilliance. We've always worried more about him but we've never really needed to. He's so quick to catch on to things these days that we wonder if we might have a mini-genius on our hands. To think how far we've come, worrying that he'd be intellectually delayed to now worrying that he won't be challenged enough. Yes, he's been cursed with a genetic disorder, but of all our children he's the one that I know can carry the curse with grace and strength. He's so easygoing and content. A lover of all the sweet things in life, he's able to see his way past anything nasty.

I know they will make mistakes; I know there will be failures; but I also know that the promise within them is stronger than anything the world will throw their way. They will be happy. They will be good, kind people whose hearts are strong. I know they'll fall in love with the most amazing people and produce their own children that will outshine even them. I won't let it happen any other way.


  1. what fabulous children you have! I am sorry you are feeling low, hope you feel well soon. you know where to find me if you need to talk or whatever x

  2. Thanks Heather,
    You're so sweet. I'm not really low, just sorting things out a bit.

  3. They will cherish this post when they are older.

    Hang in there!

  4. That is a beautiful post. I am so happy to find another woman so in love with her children. I have had heavy emotions about this recently. Enjoyed your post!


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