Crap Shoot

I have writer's block.

I'm feeling down about this whole blogging lark and just can't inspire myself.

So there you go.

If I could get 5 minutes silence in the house and had the ability to wrap my mind around these subjects here are some of the topics I was going to write on:

Am I a feminist? I've been attacked for not being one. So I'd like to write about what feminism looks like to me and why feminist doesn't have to mean sexist.

Pedagogy of the Opressed. How Paulo Friere's theories on literacy and education apply to children in a school environment. Why sight-words and the whole language curriculim is producing more low literacy at a faster rate.

Mother-Hate: Has it become fashionable for us to hate our children and husbands. Are we supposed to express our undying agony instead of our undying love? Why is it so difficult to accept that some women are happy and comfortable being mothers?

Mother-Hatred: Why do mother's get blamed for every thing. I mean every little thing. From nose-picking to picking on others.

Dad-Disrespect: I wrote a couple of columns on it but could go much more indepth in my blog. How can we raise our sons to be good men and good fathers when the prevalent social attitudes tell them that they can't be either of those things?

Happy 101 Award - the ten things that make me toe-tingling, orgasmically happy. Except I'm having trouble coming up with ten. I know there are at least ten, but I haven't the mental energy to catalogue them.

Plastic Joy Award - is it sad that I can't seem to come up with 7 actors/characters that make me want to jump in the sack?

How tos: a planet earth playdough suncatcher for Earth Day, dragons blood/fairy potion, a specail phonic clean-up game.

Everything's piling up and I'm not writing any of it which just makes it harder to write anything at all. Every time I sit down to write I'm dissapointed because I haven't the time or energy to write what I want.

And then there are about ten things I would love to blog about but can't because either they're not my stories to tell or they might involve people who could possibly read this blog and repercussions would not be nice.

And maybe that's why I'm blocked. How do you handle the things you want to write about but are not appropriate for this space?