From the Mouths of Babes

We've been having so much fun during our visit to Nanny and Grandad's house. I can't get over how much easier it is to get stuff done and enjoy ourselves with just a little extra adult help.

The children are much more relaxed here (probably because Mommy's more relaxed) and able to enjoy the outdoors more - not just because the weather has been mostly cooperating, but because the "outdoors" is right outside their door.

Plus Grandad has built them a great sandbox and there's a bonfire area too!

They've been saying such cute things. Things that seem a little beyond their years but are very indicative of how they're feeling.

Sunday night as she sat on the ground next to the Bonfire Teaghan said:
"Today's is a day I'll never forget"
She sounded so content and yet a little wistful. Like she understands that as she gets older such days will be rarer or her enjoyment of them will be coloured by adult concerns.

Early Monday morning (too early by my count), Harrison crawled into my arms and we snuggled on the couch. We were the only ones awake. He looked up at me, put his hand on my face and said:

"Mommy, I'm going to be a very good boy today."
"Mommy would really like that if you tried hard to be a good boy." I replied.
"No Mommy. I'm not going to try. I am going to be good. All day. Just for you."

Now how sweet is that? I can't believe he already understands the difference between commiting to try something and committing to do something. And you know what? He remembered that promise all day. When his behaviour started getting out of hand I could see him correcting himself - reminding himself of his commitment to be a good boy. It was astonishing to see him behave in such a mature way; he is only five years old after all!

There have been other really wonderful things they've said and stories they've created. Aren't there always? But these are the ones that have stayed with me the most and the ones that caused me pause when I heard them.

It seems now that we're all a little more relaxed, with no school to get ready for or housework (except what I've done to help out my parents and tidy after the children) to do, I'm better able to really listen to what they're saying.

Now if only Emerson would take this advantage to roll out a few new words of his own. He sounds like a guinea pig squealing "see!" all day long! I've been trying to entice a "juice" or "drink" out of him, but nothing doing. He has started saying "Nana," at least. I'm so glad I've gone through the late-talking with my eldest already. Otherwise I'd be incredibly worried about his language development now. There's a large difference in my feelings around Emerson's language development and Harrison's at the same age.

Someone once told me "little kids; little worries. Big kids; big worries." I think they forgot how much we worry when our children are very young.

This little one gives me enough to worry about - he's developed three new spots during the time we've been here. I gave up counting them ages ago, but these new ones are very noticably new. Of course the number of spots and their location are not supposed to be indicative of anything, but a mom still has to worry.

Tommorrow I'll post about what gave me my biggest worry this weekend. But today I wanted to share my utter delight with these children and their burgeoning awareness and abilties.

What have your children been doing to delight or worry you this long weekend?