Hunting that Bunny!

At my parent's house for Easter Weekend. We plan to stay a few days, so blogging may be scarce. Don't take it personally!

My parents live really far back from the road with a lot of land around them and a paved parking lot in front.

My mother is the minister at the Anglican church in the community and the rectory is right next door, at the end of the parking lot.
Out front, all that paved expanse for bike riding thrills the kids!

And at back it faces upon a wooded hill, full of mystery and fun.

Today we went hunting the Easter Bunny. We were well prepared with funny hats and an axe.

First we had to stop and chop a few things. I mean, come on, have axe will chop!

We tryed to stay together in case that Bunny got violent!

But despite our best efforts, we couldn't find that bunny anywhere. Not under the car, either.

We did however, come across the fairy houses we built last year:

Harrison's didn't survive very well, but it didn't look that solid to begin with

The frond roof on Teaghan's had fallen away, but otherwise it stayed up very well

And the one we all three built together, nestled against a mossy rock, well, I'm sure the fairies had just left as we definitely saw some smoke coming from the chimney

At the end of the day, one tired Mommy didn't really want her son snapping her photo, but there you go, look lovely and refreshed from that time outdoors, don't I?

Best part was watching Emerson wandering everywhere, discovering twigs and trees, throwing rocks in window wells, chasing his brother up a muddy slope. He doesn't have this much freedom of movement at home. He took all the wet and mess and a few tumbles too in his stride and didn't stop smiling and squealing the whole time we were out.

How has your family been spending Easter weekend? Hope you're having as much fun as us!