Lifting the Veil

Can you believe the gall of some women? Really. I mean it's bad enough that fashion allows us to show them off all the time - or even to accentuate them with cosmetics - but to take a part of our body so sexually charged and flaunt them around while supposedly "nurturing and loving" our children? What's a child to learn from that? That public exposure is okay; that common decency takes a back burner to one person's perceived right.

You know what I'm talking about?

Kissing. Do you see all those women kissing their children in public? It's disgusting is what it is!

Yes, fine, I understand that children should be kissed. It's important to nurture them with love and affection. But some women really take it too far.

I don't care what you say about the "benefits" of kissing children, we all know what lips are really meant for.

They're sexual objects. Meant for kissing and sucking and necking and all that a man and woman do together.The fact that a woman would even touch her children with the same lips that she's probably had wrapped around some fellow's - you know - disgusts me!

It's bad enough they insist on doing it. But to do it in public. They're just brazen exhibitionists, that's all. Anyone can cover themselves when kissing. It's just a matter of throwing a blanket over your head. But "no" they say. They tell me to put a blanket over my head!

The most disgusting, though, is these women who kiss older children, often right on the lips! They make me want to vomit. They're obviously getting some kind of sexual pleasure out of that. Or they're absolutely nuts. You'd think that they'd be too embarassed to carry out such amoral behaviour in public . . .

There's a reason in the Song of Solomon he pays such attention to the lips, calling them a scarlet thread and saying they drip like a honeycomb. There's a reason Muslim women are required to wear the Niqab. And there's a reason whores and tramps wear red lipstick.

We all know lips are obscene.

We need to reinstill common decency in our women and children by making them aware that using their lips in public is unacceptable. Fine if a mother insists on kissing her child, I won't argue with the evidence about it's "benefits," but she needs to think about the people around her. To just go kissing anywhere wily-nily with no respect for others is selfish and teaches her children nothing.

Besides, we all know children don't have to be kissed all the time. Even if you're a kissing mom, hugs will do too. There's a reason hugs exist, it's because they're just as good as kisses. If a woman must she can always hug her child in public and save the kisses for home. Or, if she insists on kissing exclusively, she can always put a bunch of kisses in an envelope and just give them to the child that way.

<--Look at that! Gross!

What are your thoughts on publically kissing children? It's time we all spoke out and stopped being intimidated by those rights-espousing women libbers. They make the rest of us look bad, you know.

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