A Little Bloggy Love Carnival: Follow Friday April 16th

Instead of engaging in the insaneness of Twitter Folllow Fridays, I've decided to have my own Follow Carnival on Fridays.

Twitter's 140 characters doesn't always allow me to convey to you why I think you should follow the blogs/people I recommend.

And I think that's important; don't you?

So, every Friday I'll post ten blogs/people I think you should follow.

There's a couple of things about this list, though.

If you already have 100+ followers I probably won't list you. Not because I don't love you. And not because I'm jealous. But because I've always been one for supporting the underdog! I think you'll probably get lots of people tweeting you anyway. I want this list to be truly helpful, to show you people and blogs you might not have heard of before. Sometimes that will mean popular blogs are listed, because I think people who read my blog have perhaps not read theirs, but usually not so. Heather, Karin, Valerie, you won't see yourselves on here. Please don't be offended, but everyone I know knows you already!

I'm trying to keep it balanced. Some blogs are British, some Canadian, some American. There are "mom" blogs and "dad" blogs. There may even be craft blogs.

Each recommendation will be based on something the person I'm recommending blogged this past week. Something brilliant or insightful or thought-provoking or brave.

If you want to be added to the list, I've included a McLinky. Post a blog post from last week or this week (the McLinky is active until Thursday midnight) that you're proud of. Title it however you want but be sure to include your twitter name. Hopefully I'll find some new people to follow too! At the end of the week I'll tweet #FFs for all linked posts.

Feel free to take and use the Follow Award I've created too. It's kind of childlike but so am I:

So, without further ado. Here are the bloggers (in no particular order) I recommend you follow this week:

  1. Mari's World. For this beautiful tribute to her friend. Mari is an amazingly refreshing and honest blogger who's been there-done that and is ready to share. You can follow her on twitter using @mariannewhooley
  2. Crazy Adventures in Parenting. What's more awesome than a mom of six who still finds time to get ripped? A mom of six who knows the true meaning of family: sharing ice-cream! Yes this is a blogger with a lot of followers already, but I don't think any of my followers follow her and that's a shame! You can follow her on twitter using @crazyadventures
  3. Drowning in Kids. Jess is this really smart wonderful writer whose blog is pure grit. She tells it like it is and this week's "like it is" reminded me so much of how it is for me. I really admire her strength yet fragile openess. Wish I could visit her outside corner too! I have no idea how many followers she has - probably a lot - or if she's on twitter.
  4. Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip. You know that sweet yet snarky friend that you giggle in the corner with at all the mom's groups and playgroups and mind-blowingly boring parent events? Or well, you know that friend you wish you had? This is Naomi. Full on snarkiness and humour with just a touch of cool-whip sweetness. You must read her and you can follow her on if you she's on there - I don't know. Naomi? Are you there?
  5. Almost Unschoolers. And now for something completely different . . . okay I'm sure we don't share religious views or taste in clothing, but any mom who will let her kids experiment by dropping eggs onto the living room floor so that they can learn something is a friend of mine! If I start homeschooling, this woman is my mentor! Until then we still enjoy trying some of her experiments and resources at home. I don't think she tweets, though, so you'll just have to follow her blog.
  6. Beta Dad. I met him over at Dad Who Writes' blog and we exchanged compliments. That alone will make me follow someone! But this guy is quirky and funny and a really cool dad. He's a great writer and in his post on poetry he teaches you how to be one too. He's yet another blogger that if he's on twitter I have no idea how to find him. So you better just follow his blog.
  7. Diary of a First Child. Because no mom deserves to be told off for loving her child too much! Isn't it refreshing to read about a mom that doesn't hate her child/feel great anger about her child/feel overly guilty about her child? Luschka is a tender soul, an amazing mom, and a supportive presence in the blogging and parenting community. And she's also a gaga mama. She's on twitter @LvanO
  8. Livi's Little Bubble. Okay, first off, Livi never sleeps; so if you need someone to moan to on Twitter, she's there. Seriously! She's funny. She's smart. And she's one of those people that always has something nice to say to/about you (as long as you're not her in-laws). And she's not afraid to admit that she's a wee bit envious of how good the Stepford Wives make wifliness perfection. Go ahead, tweet her @Princess_L_88
  9. Bumbling Along. First, because it was her twitter discussion about followers and tweets and facebook and stats that made me think of this idea. Second because only a truly brave woman would reveal her true geekiness by firstly taking this photo and then posting it under a joy theme. She's a great tweeter, always one to open a discussion or offer advice, and her blog reflects that too. You can follow her @BumblingTweets
  10. The Life and Times of a Househusband. What's with this guy? He's just a househusband! You'd think he'd have plenty of time to be blog posting! Perhaps he's too busy partying with the boys and revealing all. Jamie's not the most prolific of bloggers but the wait is worth it. You will laugh lots. And you'll identify lots. But mostly you'll think: why the heck doesn't he write more? Catch him on twitter - if you can - @goonerjamie.
So that's it. I promise not to be so wordy next week. Now it's your turn. Link a post and make sure you leave your twitter name (if you have one) in the title. Or, link someone else's post and really spread the love.