Magical, Mystical, Mathematical, Mythical: The Power of Three

Three. 3. III
It's the first Fermat Prime number. The first odd Prime number. The first Unique Prime number.

It's the number of golfballs on the moon.

It's the number of wishes you're granted. The number of obstacles or tests a hero faces.

It's the Three Bears and Three Little Pigs and Three Billy Goats Gruff and Three Blind Mice. It's the Three Musketeers. It's the Three Stooges. It's the Three Wisemen

It's the Trinity, the Trimurti, the Tridevi, the Three Jewels, the Three Patriarchs, the Three Pure Ones, the Triple Goddess.

It's the id, ego and super-ego. It's Divine law, Natural law, and human law. It's sign, signified, signifier.

It's the three-dimensions. It's breakfast, lunch, and supper. It's morning, noon, and night. It's birth, life, death.

Three is a powerful number. There's no escaping three.

Especially when it's the number of kids you have.

You might think the difference between two and three is only one. Right? 3-2=1? You would be wrong. At least when it comes to children. There are many differences between two and three. These are a few:
  • Two parents. Two children. Add one more child. Now the parents are outnumbered. Not just outnumbered, but imbalanced. Bedtimes, outings, mealtimes: one parent has to handle two children, the other handles one. Parenting dynamic goes kablooie.
  • Two children can fight with each other. There's a single scenario. Three children can fight with each other. Number one can fight with number two. Number two can fight with number three. Number one can fight with number three. Four scenarios for sibling rivalry and arguments now.
  • Adding only one child increases mess, noise, and germs exponentially. Trust me.
  • Two children close in age play together, use the same toys, do the same activities and watch the same programs on TV. Three children (when they're young) means at least three years between eldest and youngest. That means no more shared toys, activities or playspace. Double the clutter and amount of space you need in your home.
  • No matter what someone might tell you and how hard you might try, you cannot safely fit three car seats in the back of a standard sedan. Three children equal one mini-van.
  • No matter what someone might tell you and how hard you might try, you cannot get three children to sleep in their own beds. Three children equal one king size bed.
  • A diaper bag packed for two weighs only half of what a diaper bag packed for three does. Try it.
Yet, while the mess, noise, arguments, work, sleeplessness, germs, and food expense increase exponentially, so does the love.

That's why three is such a powerful number.