Money Making Idea 1

As you know if you've read my Fair Trade Worries post, I'm scratching my head to come up with money-making ideas.

I've been advertising to do tutoring or afterschool homework help for ages, but no bites. Which is really funny considering how often I used to hear parents complain that tutoring and after school care/homework help were really hard to find. I'm hoping to get more word out about these soon, though, so who knows.

I've also advertised part-time care/preschool for 3-4 year olds as I thought Teaghan would enjoy having a couple friends around while we're learning our ABCs and 123s. Again, no bites!

I'm now thinking of offering a summer camp program as the town has cancelled their summer recreation program and I could see parents scrambling this year. But until we get a fence built it's not a good idea. And we haven't the money for a fence.

What this all brings me to is this. A short while back I submitted a manuscript and some ideas to a children's publishing company looking for graded readers for the school market. Plus, before Emerson was born I worked in Early Literacy. In fact, when I showed some of the materials I had created for our literacy program to a teacher in the Early Childhood Education program here, she insisted I should be doing this as a living.

So why don't I?

What I'm thinking is offering a website that provides literacy information, advice, tips and resources for ages birth to ten. There would be ebooks that could be downloaded or printed, videos of fingerplays, songs, and how to read to a child, book reviews, tips, advice, all that. I was thinking of offering the ebooks for $2.50 each or a subscription to the site that would allow access to all the ebooks, plus everything else and weekly updates for your child's age for $30-$40/year (maybe $36 or $3/month). The ebooks would be reader style and also coincide with curriculim guidelines for social studies, science or health. There would be 12 of them for each age range/reader level (from ages 6-10) - updated monthly.

My questions:
1. Is this something you think would be useful?
2. Is the price right?
3. Am I leaving out anything?

I sure would appreciate your input. I'd love to offer it all for free, but it involves a lot of work and we really do need some kind of income. If I could get 100 annual subscribers that would probably pay for the amount of work I'd have to put into the readers alone. At least the cost to me would be low. Except for my time the only other thing I might require is a decent digital video camera and an ebook publishing software like adobe. And, of course, the website hosting and maintenance.