The Most Ridiculous Facebook Conversation Ever

Not feeling up to writing a real post today. So here from my "OMG I have to copy that and save it to use as something someday" MS Word archives is "the most ridiculous facebook conversation ever." That's the filename I gave it and I do believe it's true.
Names have been deleted to protect the stupid. If you recognise one of these comments as yours. Well . . . ummm . . . wasn't me!

Anonymous Ignoramus 1:  is questioning this whole December 21st, 2012 thingy?!?!?

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Anonymous Ignoramus 2: That's the first time I heard of it, and I just checked it out. Get ur survival kits and emergency supplies ready! :S
Anonymous Ignoramus 3: whats going on??????!!!!

Anonymous Ignoramus 3 (again): thats on ryans birthday !!! lol

Anonymous Ignoramus 4: what are you talking about AI1?? doesn't sound to good!! Should I get my suit on and be ready for a big emergency?!?!?! :S

Dara Barrett Squires
have you read this one?
That's me trying to send them to some real information so that they would understand the "real" meaning of the Mayan End Calendar. But obviously no one read it.
Anonymous Ignoramus 5:  don't read that...read the bible:)

Anonymous Ignoramus 1: lol I believe what the bible says over science. AI4, scientists say that the world will end on December 21, 2012....but i think it's a load of crap! lol I did not think my status would have this many comments!

Can I just pause here to say:
1.It is not "scientists" that say the world will end. But of course when you're dealing with AIs (Anonymous Ignoramuses or Artificially Intelligents) you'll always run into this science vs. religion debate.
2. The link I provided was very informative and absolutely said that the Mayan's did not predict the world will end, just that the times we live in will end and a "new world order" would emerge.
3. The girl who wrote this does not in any way, shape, or form, have any idea what "the bible says."

Anonymous Ignoramus 4: why would it be over then?? like global warming?? that stuff!! geessss i hates this shit!

Anonymous Ignoramus 4 (again): and where did you read or hear this shit from?? i gotta read up on this girl lol
Obviously she didn't see my memo.

Anonymous Ignoramus 1: my nerves r shot! yea go on youtube theres a load of stuff on there.

I always rely on YouTube for my information needs. Oh yes indeedy!

Anonymous Ignoramus 4: right on!! getting on that asap... why do scientist have to say anyhitng lol.. thought we was getting the samething in 2000

Anonymous Ignoramus 1: apparently it's bigger than that now! but like AI5 said u should just believe in the bible instead of science it makes more sence

I've always loved how the bible makes more sence(sic) than science. I mean it tells me all about the apocalypse in Revelations and that acid trip of a story does not ever mention 2012. So obviously the scientists are wrong.

Oh wait! That's right, scientists have said nothing about 2012, other than that they thought the movie was overated. So it's the Mayan's who are wrong.

Oh wait! Mayan's didn't actually say the world would end. Just the calendar and possible the geo-political atmosphere.

So who's wrong?

Oh wait! I know! All the idiots who can read and yet chose not to take advantage of that wonderful privilege. Obviously their skills are ahead of their intelligence. Upsets me that I've worked with so many learners who's intelligence is ahead of their skills and struggle so hard to read. Then I find people like these who can read, but throw that opportunity away to watch Youtube. Brilliant! Bleeding Brilliant!

If my children grow up to be like this, I'll shoot myself.