Reason to Homeschool #997

My boy is a carb/sugar addict. Seriously. The child is senseless and vulnerable in the face of sweets or carbs. The kid could eat an entire box of Ritz crackers and then ask for a chocolate bar.

We work really, really, really, really hard to keep things sensible. We teach him all the time about appropriate eating choices and riskier ones.

The world is against us, though. The grocery stores stock their treats and sweets at kid's eye level. Everything is branded so you're saying no to a treat and no to Spiderman. It's not easy.

But do you know what makes it a lot harder?

When the school sends home homework like this!

Yes kids, today in Kindergarten we'll be learning how to give yourself high blood pressure by choosing high sodium snacks. These are your choices, like it or lump, high-carb, high-sodium snacks with little to no nutritive value or fibre.

Next week we'll be learning how to inject our own insulin and perform CPR!

Even more lovely is their weekly lunch menu. Want to see the reason why I pack ALL my kid's lunches?

Even on pizza day your choices are cheese or cheese and pepperoni. But at least once a week they serve fries! That's a vegetable! And they're oven-baked doncha-know.

And then there's the pasta day. A nice can of tomato sauce adds tonnes of nutrition, especially when mixed with sausage or regular ground beef.

And before you say it: yes I was involved in the lunch committee last year. The school chose to go in a different direction this year and we were told lunches would be taken care of by an outside provider.

It's not just that the homework features bad snacks; the children were also asked which bad snack they wanted.

It's not just that the lunch menu bites; there are actually NO healthy choices. The outside lunch provider decided fruit wasn't profitable enough. So it's now cookies, cheese and crackers, frosted cinnamon rolls, or packaged rice krispie squares for a snack.

I've never seen Jamie Oliver's show (TV is right up there with salty carbo-snacks in my ratings system: fills you up but adds no value), but I've heard about it. And I can see how the idea of fresh fruit and vegetables in schools could be seen as revolutionary. For now I just lodge my mini-revolt protest by sending in healthy apple-bran muffins and fruit plates for my son's class.

Am I over-reacting? Is your school like this?


  1. Heya have you heard of Jamie Oliver?

    He is a celeb chef here in the UK, and he did a TV show on the appauling state of the UK's school meals system. Things are MUCH better now as a result, and now my childs school (who started in primary 1 (the first year of infant school) last year to HEALTHY choices school meal menu! Even for snack they're only allowed to bring in healthy things, and the "tuck shop" (snack shop) the school provides is healthy too! They get fruit or toast and water or some sort of fruit juice such as apple juice.

    I grew up fussy as hell as my parents were scraping poverty and I had to eat the cheapest stuff ever. I remember my folks "watering down" ketchup with leftover milk. It put me off a lot of food, as we ate what was cheap til it I could stand it no longer. Also if my brother and I didn't like it we'd not be given it again as it was a waste of money we didn't have. So no trying things again... so I grew up fussy because of finances.

    I was determined my child wouldn't be the same as I am in a better financial position, and thankfully I've gotten him liking the majority of food. He eats more things than I do! And loves his fruit and veg soooo much. I had no qualms about him going to school and not wanting anything off a healthy menu. He loves it. And he stays healthy there. I know his tuck money isn't going to go on coke and crisps.

    We also have free school meals system here for those on low incomes under a certain threshold. So I'm thankful that maybe those kids that were like me as a child with a poor family, are getting fully filling and healthy meals at school - as they may not be getting that at home.

    Okay now going back to your school meals... Yeah I know it's not the same currency but boy those are EXPENSIVE compared to our school meals. It's about £1.89 a DAY here for our kids I think (I pay mine in advance I forget exact what it is a day), and that's for a main and a pudding and of course fruit juice/water/milk - a healthy balanced lunch!

    Also yes, the choices are terrible! Where's the healthy options? You're right there is none! No wonder there is obesity crisises...

    I think you're right in your manner about this issue! We need to be teaching our kids that eating burger and fries etc every day is going to ultimately cause obesity and all the health risks etc.

    My sons school don't have any bad messages through school work or homework etc like that bad snack homework either. Ours even shows them having to count fruit etc in bowls... If one pear is taken out, how many pears are left? Giving the RIGHT message to the kids. So vital.

    If you've not heard of Jamie Oliver I'd suggest giving him and his school meals thing a Google. What he did for our country is so admirable. He's got young girls too.

  2. How the hell did I not notice the last paragraphy lol!? Just noticed it after posting!


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