That Loving Feeling

Last night I had to pop down to the corner store to return a movie and get a loaf of bread (ok, yes, I admit, I also wanted to buy a chocolate bar for myself).

Harrison was playing outside and unfortunately caught saw me and asked to tagged along.

courtsy of criswatk http://www.sxc.hu/photo/204141

I warned him I wouldn't be buying treats for him as he had been to the store earlier. I told him we wouldn't be renting another movie as we only get them on the cheap days. I said "a loaf of bread and Mommy's going to look at something. That's it." (the something being the chocolate bar I was going to try to sneak onto the counter without him noticing).

"Yes, Mommy" he agreed. "Maybe just a botttle of flavoured water for me?"

So, yes, I agreed as long as he agreed to share it with his sister. He argued that one, wanting one each, but I persisted and he complied.

He actually behaved quite well in the store, but I was feeling kind of cross as the walk there was supposed to be my break - five minutes of away time. Plus it was becoming rather obvious that I wouldn't be getting that chocolate bar.

Everything I looked at or picked up he had to have an opinion on. Natter. Natter. Natter.

My frustration at being thwarted in both my quest for silence and my quest for chocolate grew.

Finally we were headed home. He was lagging behind.

"Are you coming?" I said rather crossly.

"Yes Mommy," he said sweetly, skipping up to me and grabbing my hand. Then he pressed his body into me giving me one of those full body hugs that are becoming rarer as he gets older.

My frustration melted away. I said in a slightly choked voice "I love you honey."

And he skipped off in glee laughing:

"I FARTED on you Mommy!"
"Oh Mom!P-U!"
"You reek Mom, don't walk near me."

"At least he's happy, " I thought. And then "I'll get you you little bugger!"