The Unbearable Lightness of Parenting

I'm not the world's worst parent. Despite what I may sometimes think. I do sometimes do things right. And it's actually showing and rubbing off on the kids.

The Incident
Teaghan was eating a butter sandwich (don't ask). Harrison was eating an orange.

Harrison: "it's a good thing it's not a blood orange because then I'd turn into a bloody bad werewolf" (don't ask).

Teaghan: "I hate blood oranges. I don't want to be a werewolf. Mommy! I'm eating a butter sandwich. I'm going to turn into a butter-wolf. They're scary!"

Harrison: "That's not true Teaghan. There's no such thing. That's a lie"

Mommy: "Harrison it's just a story she's telling"

Harrison: "Stories are lies." (this from the boy who has so many stories his school has no idea what's true and what isn't)

Teaghan: "It's not a lie."

Harrison: "Is too."

Teaghan: "No Harrison. It's not. I'll tell you what it is."

Harrison: "No! I'll tell you what it is!"

At this point he runs toward her, looking like he's ready to strike. I drop the toast and head to intervene.

Harrison: "It's a GREAT BIG KISS!" He gives his sister a big kiss and hug and softly says "I love you Teaghan."

Sometimes when Harrison is being completely inflexible and arguing with us for the sake of arguing, I lighten the mood by grabbing him like I'm angry and then kissing him or tickling him (not sure what I'll do when he's too big to manhandle). He used the exact same technique to diffuse the argument this morning! I'm so proud of him. And me!