Why I Love EverythingMom.com

Two very simple reasons why I love EverythingMom.com? Completely selfish and kind of silly reasons . . .


Here goes:

1. I won an In the Night Garden pack in one of their review draws. If you knew how horribly unlucky I am at winning things, you'd be impressed. Last time I won anything was at Canadian Tire when I was 8 years old. I won a cabbage patch doll. It was pretty cool.

2. I emailed them an article proposal last week and they've emailed me back with an offer. Whoopee. So keep an eye on this space for my post that "hey, I'm over at EverythingMom.com!"

There's a gazillion other reasons to love the site: all that mom stuff like ovulation predictors and baby name generators; great giveaways and reviews; fun community; connecting with others.

Oh and I have one more reason!
I got both the above pieces of good news on days that were emotionally crappy for me! So they're a great cheering up factor!

Check em out. Go on. Sign up for a profile, find mine and we can be friends. I'll even send you a friendship bracelet (lies).

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