This road is closed for construction. I'm afraid you'll have to take a detour. (What that really means is I'm updating the look of the blog this weekend and don't have time for posting. Suck it up and deal with it. 'Kay?)

I recommend you take the scenic route. I'm not going to draw you a map as my drawing skills are limited to stick figures (and even they have wobbly arms), but here's a written route suggestion. I have all the goods Google Maps is missing.

Over the next couple of days you could go find some food for thought at New Day New Lesson. You can join the kindness club while you're at it.

Then a trip to LOL at Notes from Lapland (sign up for secret post while you're there) and Vegemitevix.

Say hello to my twin sister seperated at birth over at Organic Motherhood with Coolwhip (if you don't PMSL at her fart machine post than you don't deserve to read blogs)

Head on over to Deer Baby for a pondering of the beauty of life and some beautiful writing.

Join The Moiderer and check out her penpal club.

Head over to Jerry Battiste for some free fiction

Provoke some discussion over at Typecast and pop into the Cancer-Your Story page while you're there for some moving accounts of dealing with cancer.

Pop by and visit Battling On and tell her I said hello, she'll invite you in for a cup of tea for sure.

Check out Bringing Up Charlie and sign up for the exciting new Creative Writer E-Course (free!)

And then on Monday (or maybe Tuesday depending upon how many times my son pees the bed between now and then) hop on the roundabout and head back here. The road will be open and it'll be full steam ahead. (apologies for the mixed metaphors)

In the meanwhile, if you have a route suggestion fo your own (i.e. if you want to pimp your blog) just plug it in the ol' comments system down there. Make sure you get your passport stamped at each route stop - I will be checking!

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