The Gallery: Friendship at a Distance

Randy and Faith are our youngest son's godparents.
Randy is one of my husband's oldest friend.
Faith is one of my newest friends.
They live far, far away but we see them almost every year.
We hardly ever talk on the phone or even email, but we always know we can.
They have "been there" for us many times, we've "been there" for them fewer times, but they know we are always here and we know they're always there.
Randy was Darrell's best man. Darrell was Randy's best man.
I made their wedding invitations and even surprised myself by making their wedding!
I love them dearly.
I wish I could be there this fall when their child arrives.
But they know I'll "be there" if they need me.

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  1. It is hard when such good friends are far away, but yeah, the best of friendships can survive the distance:) Jen.

  2. Totally agree the best of friends can survive the distance. What great friends they sound x

  3. What a sweet post. It is amazing how friendship can take on such different forms once we all have our own families and daily responsibilities. Some of the closest friends I have are the ones I speak with the least. But it doesn't diminish the love any.

    Please move to Texas. I would love love love to be friends with you IRL as well as the bloggysphere!!

  4. The boys god parents are the same. I love them dearly and do miss them, but we are always there for each other

  5. What a lovely picture and post :)


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