The Gallery - Self Portrait: Fertility Goddesses

 I've got the camera working again, so I'm taking part in The Gallery again. This week the theme is Self Portrait.

Do you know those stone carved fertility goddesses - at least that's what it's assumed they are. The ones with the huge bottoms, round bellies and breasts you can see jiggling even in the stone?

Do you know how they haven't got faces or even heads and often no arms or legs? While that's what my photos for this week's gallery remind me of.

The theme this week was self-portrait, but although I've got the camera working again it's still wonky, flash is doing weird things, colours are being recorded strangely. It was hard to get any kind of decent photo. I think it's telling me time for a new camera!

Kodak, HP, any of you digital camera people if you'd like a honest review, just send me one!
Anyway, I improvised a little and did a teensy bit of editing to take out backgrounds and thought I'd concentrate on my body. Turns out my body looks like one of those stone figurines come to life. And here I thought I looked like Kate Moss!

Can you tell I'm prattling on and one cause I don't want to actually show you the photos. I wasn't as upset about them as I thought I would be. But please don't say "you fat cow I can't believe you put that on the Internet!" or I'll lose my fertility goddess resemblance dream and realise it's one too many bowls of pasta, not my latent Earth Mother power that's made me look like this.

Okay. Here goes
I imagine those fertility goddesses had stretch marks too, they've just been rubbed smooth over time.

Yes, that's my belly. From the side. Rather rotund isn't it. Can't see the c-section scar, but it's there - bet the fertility goddess didn't have one of those.

Anyway, now for a body part I like. My eyes

There. That's a much nicer image to leave you with. Though I do need a wax on the eybrows, don't I?


  1. I can see the fertility goddess resemblance! Seriously!!

    I like to refer to my stretch marks as "badges of honor", aka the price you pay for motherhood. (and it's a small price, really.) Mark calls them my "racing stripes"! :-)

    Thank you for voting for me today - I truly appreciate it!! xoxo :-)

  2. Found your blog through the gallery, your a braver women than me to expose your goddess on screen...well done

  3. *Applauds* Well done you! It takes me all my time to post a pic of my face! Your fertility Goddess looks a lot like mine! And if they're the price we pay for having babies, so be it! Take pride in your baby barcode! lol.
    Sal. X

  4. Us earth mothers rock! Let's be proud x

  5. Thanks everyone! I'm still rather ashamed for even putting it up there - not so much for the strech marks but for the saggy belly that I could balme on pregnancy but probably has more to do with chocolate bars

  6. Yes, but the choc bars could be blamed on having kids to run after and exhaust you. So you win all round. Fertility Godess you are! And def like Valerie's discription of her stretchmarks as "Badges of honour"!

    Thanks for sharing :-)

  7. Well done you!

    I have lots of lines, I'm prone to stretch marks it seems and it used to make me very self concious of my hips and my tummy. But they're fading now, and I have to admit I quite like them these days. They remind me of everything my body has done.

    You are a beautiful image of fertility and feminine pride and energy. You go girl xx

  8. LOL-love you too much!!!!!!!!!

  9. Fertility Goddesses are gorgeous, far better than any stick figure "super model!"

  10. Brave *and* beautiful. You have a lovely tum and eyes.

  11. Very brave - much, much braver than me xxx
    Lovely take on the theme :)

  12. Very brave, well done to you :)))


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