Little Wonders; Big World

Come, let's go on a little walk shall we?

Gone are the days when I trod purposefully down a trail or blazed my own path through the woods. These days I must stop and examine everything.

Being closer to the ground must make it easier to see the little wonders that rest there. But truthfully, though I miss the exercise of a quick walk, I love that my kids are learning to look at the world with eyes of wonder. In fact, it's often me that points things out to them!

Here are some of the little wonders we've seen on our journeys to the beaches and trails in our area:
"It's a good thing that snail left it's house before we stepped on it Mommy"

"Look a snail in the rock!" (Gastropod fossil)

"A fairy dust flower!"

"Dinosaur bones" (actually driftwood)

"Stop! Stop! A great big bird!" (An Eagle)

"I think if I push really hard I can make it fall off."

"The caterpillar wants to go for a slide too!"

"Oh Mommy, let's stop and pick some flowers"

"Mommy, shhhhhh. There's someone sleeping on that rock. See his legs?"

"Hey! There's fish!"

"It's like a fireball sun came and grew on the flower."

"Pink! Pink! It's pink! My favourite!

"No, Teaghan, that's not a biting spider. But we can't pet it cause we'll break it's web."

"I think THAT one is a biting spider!"

"Look, those stinger flowers look like Sea Ammmemmmanies. And they sting too" (Sea Amenomes)

"A berry tree! Let's eat 'em! Can we? Can we?"

"Watch out Mommy! That tree has fingers. It'll tickle you."

"That tree is going to fall off that rock!"

"The tree made a bench for me!"

"Mommy! Look! A fairy umbrella!"

"Who was eating these munchrooms?"

"Don't step on Mr. Fuzzy Green! He's so green! And fuzzy!"

That's it for our world. Not all quotes are exact but the spirit of the statement is there. What little wonders have you discovered?"

This post is for Stickyfinger's Gallery Week 10: "The (Secret) World We Live In."Check out the other entries here.


  1. Wow-great pictures! Great post! The post can almost be a kids' book!

  2. I love this. I love going for walks with my children too, and seeing what we can discover. But I also like a long hike, which doesn't often happen these days.

  3. You definitely should. You can do different series-walks in forest, walks by beach, walks on mountains..

  4. Just start! You have some great pics already.

  5. I love this, the comments are fab. It makes you feel like you are on the walk. I can't wait till Baba can go a bit longer on walks so we can do these things! They are so much fun!

  6. What a great post, I love the fosils as would the minimads. Great


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