Strawberry Pudding Recipe

Yet again we've run out of food before the next payday (it's only one more day, thank God!).

We've almost run out of overdraft too to tell the truth.

So there I am last night trying to pack my son's lunch. A burrito I managed to save from the supper stuff-your-face-fest; some blue corn tortillas that had somehow escaped raiding in the cupboard. And. . .. no fruit, all out. No yogurt, all out and not enough milk or even some starter to make it with.

But I did have enough milk to make stovetop pudding. I asked son what flavour he would like: chocolate or vanilla or lemon and he replied: STRAWBERRY!

Fortunately I actually had some frozen strawberries. I couldn't find a single recipe online. So I invented one. It's pretty simple really. The end result is a very creamy, very thick, very pinkish custard-like pudding. I'd have loved to take a pic, but the camera is wonky.

So. Here goes:

You will need:
Thick bottomed small pot
A blender.
About 1 1/2 cups frozen strawberries
About 1 1/2 cups milk
3 TBSP raw sugar
3 TBSP corn starch
pinch salt
1 tsp margarine or butter
1/4 tsp vanilla

First put the strawberries in the blender. I just dumped them in till they reached the 1 1/2 cups mark on the blender. Add enough milk to get to 3 cups.

Puree - stir - puree some more.

Dump it in the pot and put it on med. high heat.

Go gather up your sugar and cornstarch. Give the milk in the pot a swizzle to make sure it hasn't burned on.

Add your sugar and cornstarch (I'm sure regular sugar, a syrup or honey would be just as good - raw sugar is what I had).

Whisk. Remember the pinch of salt and throw that in. Keep whisking (you could use a wooden spoon but I find the whisk keeps it from burning on better) while your milk comes up to a very gentle boil. Should be about 10 minutes (no need to be anal about it. If you have to scratch your nose or pour a cup of tea, go ahead, just come back and whisk vigourously to make up for it).

It'll be pretty foamy. Now you add that bit of margarine or butter. Stir it in well and it should disperse the foam and give the pudding a nice glossy look.

Remove from heat and gently stir in the vanilla.

Let cool 5-10 minutes before you put it in the fridge covered. Try not to eat too much of the warm creamy strawberry laden yumminess as it is meant for school the next day! It thickens considerably when cooled. So if you don't like it thick, cut back the cornstarch to maybe 2 TBSP.

Made another today with the dregs of milk and some leftover coffee but it didn't turn out quite as yumnmy. Good, but not blog-worthy.


  1. You have my sympathys we have reached the end of the money before the end of the month again and payday isnt for 3 more weeks eek!

    I have never had a stovetop pudding, so will be giving this a try

  2. That sounds so yummy!!! I'll have to try it!

  3. You are a miracle on wheels, Dara. I can't believe you just whipped up some strawberry pudding like that and even made up your own recipe. Can I come live at your house?

  4. OH and one more thing. You know, you are magnificent and finding edible things at the end of the week before payday. At least your son is getting blue corn tortillas, burritos, and pudding. At my house end of the week lunches are like string cheese, rusted broccoli, and peanut brittle.

  5. @Naomi - yeah well Peanut Brittle would've been eaten by my husband! You're welcome to come live here, but I must warn you it snowed yesterday. Rethink, maybe?

    @Jenni It is super yummy! I'm thinking the still-hot cream over a piece of pound cake would be fab!

    @Mrs. Mad - it's always a struggle, isn't it? I am seriously perturbed that we've been putting groceries on our credit card, but the children must be fed! Hopefully once I get my expanded garden in this summer I'll be able to grow and can/freeze most of our veggie needs, plus hoping to pick a year's worth of berries this summer (tho my kids go through about 1 kg frozen berries a week!).

  6. The snow is a bit of a deterrant since it is lovely and 80+ degrees here already. But in a few weeks when it hits 110, I might just show up on your doorstep...

  7. Well it might have stopped snowing by then. Our last frost date is May 26. Course the May 24th weekend usually does feature a snowstorm as that's our first camping weekend.

  8. What a delicious thought-strawberry pudding! :) You are very inventive, I never would have thought of that.

    Thanks so much for participating in our Blog Party! It's great to have you.

  9. Sounds so good Dara! I look forward to trying this.


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