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First up. I'm writing an article on helping a friend cope with miscarraige for Everything Mom.

I'd love some input from my readers. If you've suffered a miscarraige, what was the best help/advice/act/statement from friends or family? Or what was the worst. You can comment below or email at darasquires AT gmail.com

Also, I'm writing a column on childcare and at what age our children can be left alone or care for younger siblings or friends. What are your thoughts?

Finally, Mrs. Mad, this is for you! I promised a dandelion cordial recipe. Hope it's not to late.

Here's what you do:
Find some dandelions away from traffic or places where pesticides may have been used.
Pinch off their heads. However many you want.
Next is the hardest part. You have to seperate the "petals" from the greenery. Some suggest using scissors, I just folded the dandelion head over on itself and pulled the yellow and white bits out.
Keep going till you can't do anymore. Put them in a bowl.
Give them a little rinse and then add enough water to cover. Also add the peel of an orange or a lemon or both. I had neither so I used grapefruit peel and it came out good.
Cover the bowl and let sit. How long you let sit is up to you. One to three days is best.
Strain the "juice" and remove the dandelion flowers and peel. I did this by using a colander and pushing down on the pulpy mixture to make sure I got all the liquid out.
Measure how much liquid you have.
Pour an equal amount of water into a pot (if using a stove-top method) or a microwave proof bowl (is using microwave).
Add sugar. This is up to personal taste. Some recipes read to add an equal amount of sugar as water. I used half as much plus 1 TBSP honey.
Heat until dissolved.
Let cool and mix in with juice.
Keep your cordial refrigerated. When ready to drink mix half and half with water (sparkling water is nice). If you want to get fancy, add a wedge of lemon!


  1. Hi Dara, as you know I've just written about my own experiences. You can nab anything off there if it will help.


  2. Honestly, I think it's best not to offer any advice at all to someone who has had a miscarriage. Just try to facilitate letting the friend have some time on their own and offer yourself as someone to talk to if they want to. People tie themselves in knots trying to say the right thing, and at the end of the day, a miscarriage is not a nice experience, so there is no point trying to make out it isn't.

    I think the very worst things you can do is prattle on about how 'there was probably something wrong with the baby' or 'it was God's will' or talk about your own blessed fertility history. I encountered all of these things from well meaning friends and relatives and it still baffles me now that they could think I would find that reassuring.

    There is probably more to add, so I might come back if that's OK?

  3. Sorry, my reply above is a bit rubbish. I was interrupted several thousand times! I hope you get the gist....

  4. @Jo,
    Yes the consensus is advice is generally bad. My cousin says her doctor's advice was nice though. She basically told her "you will get over this. Just let it happen." I'd love it if you'd come back and add more. I've had feedback on facebook too and feel like I'm approaching this article with even more knowledge every minute. Everyone's experience is different, so it's great to hear from so many.
    @VB Thanks. I might nab a bit from yours. Everytime I read someone's story about miscarraige I am astounded by the bravery and grounded by the sorrow.

  5. @Jo Not rubbish at all. We all know about the interruptions!

  6. Oh Dara thanks ever so much for the redeipe, I will let you know one we have made it. The mini's will be picking heads all next week.

    Right on to the m/c business. What not to say,

    Oh 1 in 3 people have them, it is very common. It is OK knowing that they happen, but donr belittle other peoples pain.
    Over sympathy and let them know that it will be OK.
    We all deal differently with them. I have had 4 in total ranging from 20 weeks with twins to 6 weeks and actually the worst one I had was the one after mini was born as I knew the potential of what I was missing.


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