When it Looks Like I'm Doing Nothing.

When it looks like I'm not writing - not blogging or posting new posts, it's just that I'm writing elsewhere. This week's column was one of my best yet, I think. You can read it here. It discusses the idea of what mothering truly is as Naomi Stadlen investigates in her book, "What Mothers Do: especially when it looks like nothing."

I'm also guest posting over at Notes From Lapland today. I'm linking to the blog, not the direct post and after you read it you'll know why!

I've also found this neat free software that allows me to create an flippable e-book from image files. So I'm writing out some of the children's manuscripts and ideas I've been working on and creating rudimentary illustrations to go with them so I can offer these e-books free to you, my readers. The eventual goal is to create some that I will charge for and/or create a paid subscription site that will give access to a new book every month or couple of weeks.

I have two half-finished and will be posting them as soon as I can figure out a free webspace to use to do so (they go beyond the limits of this blog).

So there you go. I'm not doing nothing after all. Oh yeah, and did I mention I have three kids! Most of this morning was taken up convincing the eldest to go to school and getting the middle and youngest ready for the middle child's doctor's appointment. And this afternoon I will be creating a poo chart with my middle child. Yes, you heard me right - a POO CHART. I'm sure the doctor had no idea the sh*tstorm she was unleashing with that suggestion! Ah, much fodder for my blog!


  1. ooooh exciting times :) Look forward to seeing your ebook, less so the poo chart! lol!

  2. Gosh you have been busy. Thought you had just gone off radar. Love that Naomi Stadlen book. Read it over and over. Off to read your other posts.

  3. @Livi,
    The poo chart is so much fun. Turns out T doesn't have celiac but she is severly constipated and had vitamin b12 and folic acid deficiencies. They could all be linked to something bigger or they could just be linked. So over the next few days I get to administer enemas and push vitamins and then we'll see....

  4. @Deer Baby,
    Yes I'm having a problem with the book. I got it from the library and have already extended it once. I haven't actually read the last chapter yet because I keep going back to the chapters I've already read to re-read them.

  5. Dara, Poo chart at first sounded funny, but I just read the comments and realized that you are trying to test for celiac and other stuff. We went through something similar a year or so ago with Nino. It was terrible. Enemas, laxatives, xrays, special diets, blood tests, psychic readings (no, I am not kidding) it was a mess. Finally, his symptoms just went away on their own. I personally think he had a bacterial imbalance and maybe all the probiotics finally kicked in. Who knows? Anyway, I'm not trying to pry, but I really do hope you find some answers with T. I'll be thinking of you!!

  6. Just got back from reading your column and I just wanted to say "Bravo!!" That was a beautifully writtern essay and it made me feel so validated about everything I do on a daily basis that is so hard to measure or even describe. Esp. on the days when things go badly, no matter how hard you have tried to keep it together all day long. Thanks for sharing this essay with us!! You are wonderful.

  7. Yeah we've done the enemas, laxatives, x-rays and blood tests so far. If there were a psychic around here I might try that. Doc thinks she's withholding thus the poo chart - a sticker each time she goes. I don't think that's it though as she's been like this since she was an infant.
    I think we might try a gluten-reduced diet anyway, as neither of the other two are quite normal either.
    It's frustrating - both of the eldest had soy and dairy allergies as infants and we thought they outgrew it, but now we wonder if maybe that's what's causing their issues now. But if we don't have diary or soy and they won't drink rice milk anymore and Emerson is allergic to nuts that leaves no milk products. And if they outgrew the soy but not diary even then I'm uncomfortable giving soy to Emerson as the NF tumours are horomone receptive and apparently soy use does seem to affect them.
    ARGHHHHH!!! Too much thinking. Must go do something brainless.

    And thanks for enjoying the column so much! Have you read the book yet? It's a very validating book, aimed at new parents and parents of babies, but good for all moms, I think.


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