Husband is Crazy; Kids are Cute; Mornings Are Nuts and the Baby is Allergic to Nuts

His Royal Highness and the Princess have been fighting a lot lately. A LOT. I'm not sure you understand. They even fight in their sleep. (Seriously. I discovered The Princess sleepwalking into HRH's bedroom and trying to get into his bed while he sleepily tried to push her onto the floor.)

This morning, HRH was getting ready for school. I had laid out his clothes and lunch and was in the bedroom feeding The Good Child (that label might change when he starts talking). Anyway, I hear Big D asking him "where's your other sock?" HRH replies there was only one. I call out from the bedroom to say they were both there earlier this morning. But Big D doesn't hear me because HRH and The Princess are arguing - again.

Then HRH calls out. "Oh Silly Me! I put two socks on one foot!" (how he even managed that when these socks are small enough that I could probably be reported to Child Protective Services for making him wear them, I don't know) But Big D doesn't hear that either because the kids are bickering.

So Big D forages through the landry room and locates another matched pair of socks (don't ask me why he didn't check the drawer first, probably he knows better).

He comes up the stairs and sees HRH standing there with one sock on and one in his hand (please note, at this point they're about 10 minutes late leaving the house, which is actually pretty typical around here).

Big D proceeds to - in a very BIG voice - inform HRH that he's not happy with him, he wasted his time, they're going to be late, blah, blah, blah (and we wonder why our kids tune us out). AND CAN YOU TWO PLEASE STOP FIGHTING!!!

HRH comes into the room sobbing and saying Daddy hurt his feelings (please note the sock is still not on). He doesn't receive a lot of sympathy from me, I have to say.

So The Princess takes things into her own hands.
Princess: "You can play with my toys all day. I'm sorry I was teasing you"

HRH: "You weren't teasing me."

Princess: "Oh. I'm sorry I was mean to you."

HRH: "You weren't mean to me. I was mean to you."

Princess: "Oh. Are you okay? You can play with me all day. I love you."

HRH: "I love you too."

And yes, Daddy apologised too.

PS: What do you think of the new pseudonyms for the family? I'm thinking of going back and taking their names out of previous blogs. When I first started this blog I figured I'm not hiding my name so there's no point changing theirs, but I'm beginning to think they may not want people googling their names years from now and discovering posts about bedwetting and constipation.


  1. hahaha all's well that ends well eh!? Don't you love mornings!

  2. LOL-would leave the names. After all of this, they deserved to be googled about it all :-)


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