Top 10 Reasons to Use Organic/Natural Household Cleaners

A very wise woman once told me that to clean your house you need nothing more than regular vinegar and baking soda. She then added that for that extra germ-killing boost, a dash of vodka was good: one for the kitchen counter and one for you.

It's so true, though. Okay you do need soap for dishes and laundry and as soon as I perfect my laundry and dish soap recipe I'll share.

But you might wonder why you should ditch the chemical cleaners for the more natural approach. So here are my top 10 reasons:
10. Money: Vinegar and Baking Soda are much cheaper than Sani-Foam and Mr. Clean
9. Convenience: If you run out you can just mix up more.
8. Health and Safety: Fumes from chemicals=bad. Fumes from vinegar=bad smell. Child playing with Comet powder=trip to Emergency room. Child playing with baking soda= trip to bathtub.
7. Your Appearance: Vinegar actually softens skin and has been reported to reduce wrinkles. Plunging your hands into Mr. Clean does not have the same effect.
6. Your House's Appearance: Even baking soda will not usually scratch finished surfaces, commercial cleansers often will.
5. Reduce Chemical Impact: Those chemical's going down your drain can kill baby fishies. Think of the baby fishies!
4. Reduce Packaging: One large container of vinegar and big box of baking soda means a lot less packaging and processing than 10 different chemical cleansers.
3. Space: Instead of 10 different bottles on your shelf, you'll have more space for those important things like the box of chocolates you're hiding from the kids.
2. Bragging Rights: Come on, you know you're going to let it slip at playgroup that you're one of those enlightened, environmentally friendly moms saving the planet for future generations and keep a clean and chemical free house. You know you will. Heck, you might even blog about it.

And the number one reason to use vinegar instead of Mr. Clean  . . . drum roll please . . .

Facilitating Child Labour

In a completely natural way!

No chemicals means no guilt about getting your kids involved in the cleaning duties.


  1. That is a great post!!! Love it :)

  2. Think of the baby fishes!!!
    I know I should switch to vinegar and baking soda and home made stuff like that, I know I should but somehow I just can't bring myself to do it.
    I have switched to ecover, the eco friendly laundry liquid, but I just can't give up my dettol, cillit bang, bleach and various other cleaners.

  3. @Kia - I should do one next week on all the ways to use vinegar and include your tip! It makes a great laundry rinse too, especially when you have a bed wetter.
    @Susie - I thought you'd appreciate the child labour aspect
    @Livi - I have nothing to say except: BABY FISHIE KILLER!!!

  4. other natural remedies - Tea Tree Oil is excellent for spots and skin probs, and also for getting rid of mould (on your walls not your skin!) Vanilla is an antiseptic and deodouriser for the fridge! The biggest problem with antibacterial sprays is that it reduces our natural immunity, and it gives me asthma! Can you send your house slaves over to mine, I didn't train them proper when they were little and now the house looks a mess!


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