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I was going through some old files on my computer today and came across a little story bit I wrote with the kids back in the winter. Here for your reading enjoyment is:

The Jam, Jam - Jam
Momma made breakfast:
Harrison wanted eggs.
Teaghan wanted cereal.
Momma wanted coffee and “quiet-please.”

Momma made the baby toast and jam.
When she turned her back the trouble began.

Harrison giggled and Teaghan laughed.

Momma sighed and said, “quiet please. Eat up quick and then get dressed. Brush your teeth and find your boots. Harrison it’s time for school. Teaghan it’s time to go. We don’t have time to be so slow!”

“But Momma,” said Harrison.
“Look,” said Teaghan.

“Oh my,” said Momma when she turned around.

The baby was an icky, sticky mess, a messy, muck-monkey covered in jam.

“Oh no,” said Momma.
“We’ll never get him clean in time to go.”

“So?” said Teaghan and Harrison. They danced around the highchair singing “Jam, jam everywhere. Jam, jam everywhere. Jam, jam everywhere!”

“Stop right there!”
said Momma and both kids froze.

“That’s just not right”

“I know,” sighed Harrison, “we have to go.”

“No,” said Momma, “your song’s too short.”

So she picked up the icky, sticky, messy, muck-monkey and danced .

“Jam, jam everywhere,” the kids sang out.
“Jam on his fingers, jam in his hair,” Mommy added.
“He’s even got jam on his toes,” yelled Teaghan.
“Yes, there’s jam everywhere he goes,” sang Mommy, looking at the jam droplets on the floor.

All four ran around the dining room table, chasing each other and singing:

Jam, jam everywhere.
Jam on his fingers. Jam in his hair.
Jam on his great big toe.
Jam everywhere he goes!

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  1. Aww this is so cute! i could see the illustrations in my head as I read it.


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