Hi Ho Hi Ho Off To Work I Go (on the couch)

I know everyone else is talking about back to school, but for me it's back to work I'm more excited about. No, I'm not returning to an outside job, but now that my two oldest will both be in school (Grade 1 and JK) and the baby is still napping in the afternoons, I might just get some work done!

Being a work-at-home mom has always sounded like the ideal situation to me: professional fulfillment while still being there for my kids. How could I resist?

But it hasn't been so ideal. It's been incredibly hard, actually. And since summer vacation started and my eldest - the boy who is definitely LD, most-likely ADHD and probably OD - has been home, I've just felt like a huge, guilt-sponged failure.

I know some moms who work at home still send their kids to daycare part-time or have a nanny or even have relatives that can help out when there's a deadline to meet.

I don't have any of that. Between the demands of my eldest, the needs of my middle child and the constant nursing (during which he flails at my keyboard) of my two-year-old (isn't he supposed to be nursing less now?) it seems I never get a moment to sit at the computer and get some writing done.

And yet, according to my son I'm "always on the computer." And "never play or have fun."

So while I'm feeling guilty about not getting article proposals off on my planned timeline, and being a couple hours late on my column deadline, I'm also feeling like the "mom" part of work-at-home mom is missing.

And I won't even mention the giant pile of laundry or the filthy kitchen floor.

So, yes, I'm looking forward to back to school in many ways. But I also am dreading it because I feel like the summer has slipped away and all I've done is struggle to work, struggle to parent and struggle to keep my house clean.

Hopefully it will be a time when I can get back to work and really develop my professional relationships so that this will all get a little easier. Because once school starts there's less hours in the day I can spend with my kids and more responsibilities during those hours (homework, activities, etc) and I really don't want to be "always on the computer!"

Are there any other work-at-home moms out there? I'd love some tips or suggestions for making this all work!


  1. I am also a work-at-home mommy without a nanny or children in daycare...in fact, our situations are almost identical...I also have an academically challenged first child with OD at the minimum, a spirited second child and a nursing third child...unfortunately, I do not have any great tips for you but it is good to hear that I am not alone (:

  2. You sound like you could use live in cleaning help, a professional masseuse and a vacation.


  3. @Mel: At least we can commiserate with each other, right?

  4. @Susie: Yes, they're all on my "when I win the lottery" list.


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