Just Because You Ride the Long Bus Doesn't Make You Better


If there's one thing I really, truly, completely despise, it's when people in power stomp all over people not in power.

Call me an underdog voter. Perhaps I am. But more than that, I'm a decent human being that believes that if you are in a position of responsibility you should act in a responsible manner.

In our narccisistic media-driven society, there's nothing more powerful than Prime Time TV and the awards and recognition that come with that position.

I realise Prime Time is adult-oriented, but as a mature adult I find most of the content aired despicable, idiotic or just pointless. There's a reason I don't watch TV and it has nothing to do with being too pious or too holier-than-thou. It just plain doesn't interest me anymore. Yes, I'll still watch the occasional show such as Dexter or Nurse Jackie online. Even House fails to do it for me anymore, though. It's all so predictable.
That's fine and good - I don't like it, "big whoop-de-doo," says you "shut up and let us watch our Glee."

And I haven't got a problem with you watching it. What I do have a problem with is when these shows go beyond being boring or mildly offensive and tread into "makes me want to vomit with the utter morally- nihilistic, offensive crap spewing" territory.

And what I really have a problem with is when such crap gets nominated for an award.

Case in point: The Family Guy.

I once watched about ten minutes of an episode. It was pretty juvenile and stupid but mildly funny. I don't know a lot about the show. I actually appreciate when the media pokes fun at our mores and isms when it does so to show a point or raise a contention. However, I had a feeling from that ten minutes that Family Guy was offensive just to be offensive. This went way beyond Simpson's caliber offense - which was intended to shine a light on the hypocripsies and fallacies of moden suburban life. I'm not sure what Family Guy is intended to shine a light upon, except for the fact that you can get a lot of sheep to baa together if you tell them that you're being funny when you're really being insulting.

So I didn't see the episode in question in this post. And I refuse to watch a video clip on YouTube, though I'm sure you can find one if you try.

It seems that an episode titled "Extra Large Medium" (I can only guess what that's about) aired a song called Down Syndrome Girl. This song has now been nominated for an Emmy award.

In essence, the song seems to be implicitly advocating the seduction (read RAPE) of a girl with Down Syndrome. Explicitly, it calls the girl a "little whore" and terms her a "poorly grooming ..  .just a little crooked walking, poorly pouting, poopie-sprouting, for some reason always shouting, fascinating, captivating, happiness and joy-creating Down syndrome girl." among other things.

It's just a great big joke, trying to get it on with the "retard." The song is offensive on so many levels. And there's no meaning to the offense. I can't speak to the true intent of the writers, but this song appears to all intents and purposes to be hate-speech directed at all the millions of people with Down Syndrome. It doesn't point a finger at any ills of society or use humour to direct attention to a particular controversy.

On top of that, the show has gone even further, picking a particular person to ridicule. The girl in question states that her mother is the "former governor of Alaska." Sarah Palin's son Trig has Down Syndrome and this was clearly a poke at him and his mother.

And for what reason? So some immature assholes can sit on their couch and have a laugh at the expense of others. You know all those "Dad gets it in the balls" videos shown on American's Funniest Home Videos couldn't even come close to showing how decrepit and disgusting moden humour has become.

I have friends who watch this show. I truly hope they weren't one of those "immature assholes" that sat on their couch and laughed their way through this song. Clearly, though, the Emmy's nominating committee contains any number of blind, idiotic, immature, insensitive assholes itself for this song to be nominated.

I don't know what to do. Sure I'll write letters. But really, this is just another aspect of our society that makes me want to run away and raise my children in a cabin in the woods, cut off from the rest of you and safe from the ills of society.

Excuse me, I have to go vomit now.

For more information on this travesty, read this and this.

Add another to my boycott list: Nestle, Oprah, non fair trade chocolate and now The Emmy's. Guess I won't be checking out the best dressed this year.


  1. That is really one of the most disgusting things I've ever read...'getting it on with the Down's syndrome girl'...Awful. How can people be so incredibly cruel. I find it offensive in the extreme and I'm surprised the show even made it to air. Rant away Dara, I am so with you on this one!!!

  2. I'm kinda speechless here. Seriously what the hell is going on? How can a song that pokes fun at and advocates the seduction and rape of anyone be nominated for an Emmy, let alone someone that is unable to fairly fight back, someone with enough shit to deal with in their life, a group of people that deserve our understanding and empathy not...this.

    It is disgusting and beyond offensive. I don't get outrages easily, I'm a miserable old cynic, but outraged is what I am.

  3. My Lord, that is beyond disgusting, how the frigging hell did they actually got away with airing it. Any song about raping a girl is bad enough, but to poke fun at a D.S. person is just sickening.

    Anyone who laughs at this kind of humour really needs a good slap.

  4. 100% with you, Dara. Rant away. It is crazy the kind of disgusting crap that our society not only accepts but actually propogates and honors. It's truly sickening. Do you think you will have any space for me and my 2 kids in that cabin of yours?

  5. I have to say that I am a fan of Family Guy on the whole. I find it funny. However, what I have noticed in the last couple of seasons are some attempts to shock for its own sake. I haven't seen this episode but by what you describe it has gone too far. Anything that pokes fun at rape in general is out of order in my opinion. The Downs Syndrome aspect only makes it more sick.

    I am surprised at the US though.

    We had a similar incident with a comic over here called Frankie Boyle, again who I find funny on the whole. But this incident made me initially angry. And then proud of the blogger who fought back:


  6. I HATE family guy, always have, I totally agree that it is just stupid, immature and offensive.


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