Plastic Fantastic

So, we here at the Squires household have decided that plastic isn't so fantastic.

Get the reference?

It's official, we've now made it three months with no plastic cling wrap! A small step, for sure, but one I'm proud of. Still wish I could find a pioneer woman, though, to ask how they covered food. I've been using wet tea towels, butcher paper and grocery bags (yes, still plastic, but not plastic I've bought). Anyway, staying away from the plastic film is good for us, good for the environment and good for the budget. So I think it'll stay away.

But I want to get rid of more of our plastic entrapments now too!

I was talking to the husband the other day and mentioning that I'll probably contact everyone we exchange Christmas presents with and ask them not to buy any plastic toys. Toys in general we don't really need. Arts and Craft supplies, Science Kits, things like that we can always do with more of. But toys? Bah humbug.

I was asking him what he thought we should do for eldest son's birthday, coming up next month. I really, really appreciate people buying lovely gifts (and most of them are quite lovely and exactly up his alley) but I also really, really don't want anymore toys - especially WalMart plastic crap - in the house.

My ideas so far are to ask for books only (though we've got so many already); to ask for donations to a certain cause or donations of toys/books/clothes/food, etc for a cause (like the women's sheltar or the food bank); or to ask for monetary donations. He wants to buy a goat for a family in Bangladesh. He's been talking about it for two years now and I told him this year he could have a lemonade stand and bake sale to raise the money. However, we could just ask people to donate money for it for his birthday.

The only problem with that, of course, is that he wants gifts. He's a typical 5 -almost-6 year old and no saint. Yes, he wants to raise money to buy a goat, but he also wants gifts for himself. If everyone in our circle did donation parties it wouldn't be such a big deal, but he sees other kids getting gifts and he wants them too.

A friend mentioned an idea to me that one of her son's classmates had done. So I thought to bring it up with the husband:

Me: We could have a two-toonie party.
He: What's that?
Me: People would bring a toonie (Canadian two dollar coin) for his goat fund and a toonie for him. That we he can still buy himself something he'd really like too.
He: Yeah, I don't know about that.
Me: Would people not like us asking that, you think?
He: You never know.
Me: (getting flustered) Well, I don't know what to do. I REALLY don't want any more toys coming into the house. Quality wooden toys or things handmade are one thing, but we don't need anymore junk. He doesn't NEED anything. And I really just want to clear out all of our plastic toys.
He: All of them?
Me: Yes, all of them. They have too many toys anyway. If I get rid of the plastic stuff that'll weed it down substantially.
He: So we couldn't buy any more plastic toys?
Me: Oh God, what's the problem with that. What is it you could possibly want to buy them that must come in plastic?
He: Well. You know, not something for them.
Me: Oh My God, grow up! You don't need any toys. We can buy steel remote control cars for "Harrison" (as if they're really for our son- yeah, when Daddy lets him have a turn) and I'm not going to make you throw out your stereo because it has plastic knobs.
He: No, I was thinking more something for us. But I think you can only get it in plastic.
Me: What could we possibly need that only comes in plastic?
He: sly grin, wink
Courtesy of http://www.mcblogger.com/archives/images/dildo.jpg
Bloody Men!!!


  1. I misread that and thought you'd had that conversation with your son!

    I believe you can get metal ones though, apparently, someone told me. Never seen 'em myself, honest gov.

  2. That made me laugh!

    But as for the plastic, we are in the same boat. And with Kyra's birthday in a month or so, I'm really anxious about what to do. I don't want people to waste money on stuff we just don't want in the house, but it seems rude to SAY that. Fortunately we move the very next day, (and fly out too) so I'm going to tell people we can't take things with us, so if they want to buy gifts, summer clothes in size 12 - 18 months would be appreciated and I'll give them details for a shop in South Africa where we will be buying replacement toys for while we're there!

    And by the way - we never use cling film. What did you use it for? We've had the same role for five years now! We just use tupperware (or the no name version), mainly!

  3. @Heather: Have they got non-plastic ones in the grocery store there?
    @Very Bored: I suppose maybe you could. That would be cold, though, wouldn't it?
    @Luschka: Yes, we had hoped to be moving shortly after too but it fell through. Provides a convienant excuse. From my experience, people don't mind being told what to bring, but they may not listen.
    As for cling wrap: well there's not enough tupperware when you have 3 kids! Plus my husband was raised in a wasteful house where cling wrap, tinfoil and paper towel were bought in bulk every week.
    @Lindsey: Of course we're not really getting one. That would be so perverted. It was just a joke ;-) hehehe honestly.

  4. Haaaaa!!! You should talk to my sister Aliza about this. She is an expert in all things dildo. I'm really feeling the neon blue one you featured above tho, myself....

  5. Does this also mean I'm not allowed to wrap myself in Saran Wrap as a special treat for the hubs? Just wondering...

  6. Well, I suppose once a year as a special treat is okay. Just make sure you smear on jello to make it stick. And top with Cool Whip, of course.

  7. LOL!! But you have seen the very cool glass ones right? I know of one couple who's very special fetish was wrapping each other in cling film. I guess they really were plastic lovers!

  8. ROFL! He's right, plastic isn't all bad ;)


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