"Yay! Boob" OR Why I never get anything written

Mommy: “Emerson, do you want a cookie?”

Emerson:“eah!” (big grin) “dut-dee” (dances)

Mommy hands him a cookie.

Emerson:“uh oh – a hand” (holding up his other hand to show me it’s empty)

Mommy: “You want another one?”

Emerson:“eah!” (big grin) “dut-dee” (dances)

Mommy hands him another and takes one for herself. Oopsie Mommy! But that’s okay because he holds his hand out for that one too.

Mommy: “That’s my cookie.”

Emerson:“Un-unh. EIN!”

Mommy: (shrugs): “If you say so.” (toddles off to attempt a rewrite of an article proposal.)

Before computer has fully booted:

Emerson:“Boob!” (crawling into Mommy’s lap)

Mommy: “You have cookies!” (thinking to herself: you only got them so I could get a couple minutes at the computer!)

Courtesy of: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1285566
Emerson:“a BOOB!"

Mommy: “How about a nice glass of milk with your cookies?”

Emerson: “Un-unh”

Mommy: “What would you like to drink then? Juice? Water?”

Emerson:(grinning) “Ba-Ba-Ba-BOOB! Dut-dee” (smushes cookie crumbs into Mommy’s chest)

Mommy: “You know you’re destroying any chance I have at a proper writing career, right?”

Emerson:(with his nouth full) “Hmm-mmm. Yay! Boob!


  1. He's a very enthusiatic boy you know.

  2. Hahahaa... this made me laugh in empathy... and yes - i have found crushed food bits in the most unusual places!

  3. Haaaa!! Yay boob! My son Diego would absolutely agree.

  4. Lol! Bless him!
    Yay for boob!


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