Finding Your G-Spot - Part 1

I bet you thought this post would be about sex, didn't you?

Ha-ha. Fooled you. Although the result is almost orgasmic.

No, no. This one is all about organising and setting up your Google Reader or G-Reader, if you will.

We almost all use it, but so many of us aren't using all it has to offer.

For instance, did you know you could organise the posts you subscribe to? Or that you could use your G-Reader to share posts to your blog or friends?

This tutorial will show you how.

First thing to do, of course, is to open your G-Reader. If you've downloaded the google toolbar that's easy enough. If not, go to Google Homepage and hover your mouse at the top of the page. When that top toolbar shows up, click on "more" on the left. Then scroll down the pop-up box and click on "Reader."

Now you have opened your reader. Just out of curiousity, how many subscriptions do you have?

The first thing we'll do is get organised. Look at your subscriptions. If you're like me you subscribe to a number of blogs: recipes, crafts, news, friends, parenting, etc. Think about the broad categories these fall under and come up with a list of terms by which you could organise them.

Now, on the top right, click on "Settings." A pop up window will ask if you're interested in your Reader settings or Account settings. It's the Reader settings you want.

Now on the top, click the tab marked "subscriptions." The next screen will show all the blogs you subscribe to. Here you can choose to rename them, delete them (this is the best way to permanently delete a subscription), or add to a folder. If you click "add to a folder" you can then select "new folder" and type in a name.

One folder I have is called "must-reads," these are all the blogs that if I have no time I still try to read. They are also the ones I like to go back  and reread or read missed posts.

Keep typing in or selecting folder names until you have all your subscriptions sorted. Some you can put into more than one folder. For instance, Notes from Lapland would go under funny, travel and/or parenting.

Now, when you have that done, click "back to google reader" at the top. On the left hand toolbar under subscriptions you should see all your folders listed. You can now select to display posts from just one folder or from an assortment.

You can also move the order of the folders by clicking and dragging.

That's it for today. Tomorrow I'll show you how to get goodies for your g-spot and also how to install the google share widget on your blog.


  1. My must read folder is called want to read. (which your blog is in btw)

  2. and Readily A Parent would go under funny, parenting and obsessive list making. lol

    Great post, thank you kindly for the little plug there. Mwah xx

  3. OMG! I have died and gone to heaven. That is exactly the kind of post I need as I am so over the place and unable to keep up with everything I want to scream.
    I am off to do this straight away
    Thanks x

  4. @Susie. Aww thanks. Guess what? You're in mine too. Shush, don't tell anyone!
    @Heather. Just remember, pimps usually get paid. That's all I'm saying - though I could do up a list of all the times I've plugged your blog and calculate out a payment schedule.
    @Mari. Glad I could help! Just wait until Part 2!

  5. do you happen to know how you can mark all read on a BIG folder (tech + IT for me, which i had abandoned but don't want to delete completely)without having to LOAD the whole group (of over 1000 posts..).. i have a sort of restricted bush internet here.. :/

  6. You're a genius! I did not know that you could organise blogs and I've been thinking that I really needed to for a while now!


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